Whew, knowing what the heck is going on is a tremendous challenge these days. We seem to know less than we would think.

What do we know? It is very clear that we are in a war. We the people are under attack, and have been for a long time. And this war has greatly accelerated the last 3 years. It still astounds me that so many do not see it or the enemy. It is getting obvious, if you consider:

  • COVID craze
  • Scariant after scariant
  • Vaccine mandates, push, ineffectiveness and danger
  • Tyranical lockdown and mandates
  • Censorship
  • False flag January 6th event (truth emerging, but supressed)
  • Stolen 2020 election (proof emerging but supressed)
  • Obvious mainstream media manipulation and deception
  • Marxist, radical education agendas
  • Attack on police, law and order and State support for BLM and Antifa
  • Poisoning of water, forced food shortages
  • Danger of 5G and EMF radiation
  • The China model: surveilance state
  • Satanic symbolism in Hollywood, etc.
  • Surreal Biden inauguration and Presidency

But do we “know” for sure we are under attack? Oh yes! It is now so obvious, and “they” have told us! Listen to Klaus Schwab, who is contantly telling us we will “own nothing and be happy”. Or George Bush senior telling us about the “New World Order” we will certainly arrive at. Listen to their words. (But also feel the lies).

The goal? Control. Depopulation. One World Government. Defeat God. They are fighting against God and His creation.

See my previous blogs about who “they” are. A polite term might be “globalists”. If I followed the evil and had to put it in one word, it would be Satan. Oh, we don’t see a horned Anti-christ beast anywhere–not yet anyway–he works through countless minions, leaders, CEOs, even religious leaders.

These people are clever, very clever, but not wise. They have pulled away from God, sold their soul, and therefore will eventually fail in their goal for a “Great Reset”, New World Order, One World Government, enslavement, depopulation. But they sure seem to be making a tremendous mess on the way out.

Trump: I want to talk mostly here about one specific, possible ploy their cleverness might be at enacting. I say might, as I just do not know. We have seen how the ruling class has been pretty consistently attacking President Trump since he announced he would run for President in 2013 or so. One one side, people say that this is because Trump was not “one of them”, that he was sincerely out to bring down this New World Order, so they hated him and did everything in their power to marginizlize him, impeach him, assasinate him, and steal the 2020 election. They tried Russia Russia Russia! They accused him of sex scams. The mainstream media attacked him on a daily basis, day after day, year after year.

It is said that he worked with Q and the White Hats–people who were working at very high levels to thwart the global domination agenda. We were told to “trust the plan”, that it was just a matter of time before Trump would return, that the White Hats (good guys) would overcome the evil ones.

It is said he the Q and the White Hats knew the 2020 election would be stolen, but had to let it happen, to show us the evil ones. They had to awaken people at a certain pace, in a certain way. Could be.

All this might be true. I am sort of a romantic, and we all like a good hero story. Trump, Q, White Hats all working for God. Could be.

And maybe it is not true. Let’s look at another possibility. I am not saying I believe this, but it is possible. What if these evil, clever ones–who have often used a time-rested tactic of divide and conquer–pretended to be against Trump, while really dividing us yet again. Maybe he is one of them afterall, a shill. What if they wanted us be passive and patient, not take action, and depend on someone “out there” to save us.

Remember, it was Trump, not Biden, who initiated Operation Warp Speed. He has recommend the COVID vaccine. I know, there are many explanations for why he did this, largely to avoid an even bigger bloodbath. Again, this is possible. But he did recommend taking this COVID vaccine, which is not really a vaccine and is clearly a part of the depopulation plan.

There are reports that Trump is a 33 degree Free Mason; I do not know.

We are told to be patient. Trump says in the end, “you will be happy” (Isn’t that what Klaus Schwab said?).

In short, I still do not know, and probably did little to help you know more than you did. But my truth tells me that a) this war is very real, b) God is mightier than the enemy, c) There are some good guys among us (White Hats, Alliance, whatever name you use), and d) my guess is that Trump is indeed on the good side of things.

Our part is to seek truth and align our perceptions with reality as much as possible in the midst of the fog of war. Limitting  mainstream media is key. Expand to include alternative media and research. Be humble and willing to be wrong or admit we have all been fooled and programmed, perhaps much more than we know.

Lastly, we need to see the enemy and know we are at war in order to beat the enemy. New Agers do not like to think in terms of duality, but there is indeed an evil enemy and ignorance is not bliss. When we stand tall, pray strong, speak out and say no, the enemy is exposed and loses all his perceived but truly limited power.