Today, let’s look at where true happiness and contentment lie. Why is it so elusive, and where is it hidden?

We have been like blind and deaf sheep, seeking here, chasing there, following this teacher, bumping our heads against each others butts. We live in our head, which always gives incomplete information. We disconnect from both Spirit and Earth, which are consistently guiding and inviting us back to the present moment, which is of course the only true portal into happiness.

In truth, this peace that patheth understanding is here, now. It is who we are, and who we always will be. We access it through the heart, which merges both Earth and Spirit. The present moment is the gateway into all transformation.

Our advertisers prey on our search. They offer countless false promises, and we know by now that the allure of nice cars, and vacation getaways, and fine wine and big houses will never ever bring the lasting joy we seek. Yet this joy is closer than close. It is our nature, our very essence which alludes us.

Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is! or “There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”

Heaven is quieter than the mind can understand. Peace is just that, very peaceful. It does not shout out or boast its miracles, yet miracles and healing it offers freely as our birthright. In a world that celebrate big victories, boastful accomplishments and loud sensations, we can easily walk right past the truth that sets us free, right under our noses, right in our heart.

So, how do we get there, which is actually here, now? In a way, we stop searching. We slow down. We pay attention. We hold an intention to remember who we are, to surrender back into that which has been lovingly whispering, calling us home whenever we are willing to listen.

We do not have to leave the body to do this. It is admittedly a very tender balance to walk this world but not be attached or identified with it. Few do it well. But it is getting easier as the consciousness shifts on Earth.

Breath is the bridge between body and Spirit, between Earth and Heaven. One simple, easy thing to do is simply become aware of our breathing. That is all. Just follow the breath, be with it. Breath is not quite of this world, and not quite of the Spirit world, but acts as a bridge between the two.

My teacher in India, Sri Bhagavan says, Awareness is the first step and the last step. If you want true peace, true happiness, begin to pay attention. Slow down, feel. Breathe consciously. Start to notice the false gods you are chasing, and begin to feel the god that already lives in your heart, the joy and peace which you are, have been and always will be.