Let’s face it, unburning a bridge is easier if we did not burn the bridge down to begin with! Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable that most of us have burned—maybe scorched—a few bridges over this plandemic era.

Maybe you tried to force a red pill down someone’s throat, and they coughed it up in your face. Or maybe someone called you a crazy conspiracy theorist and you growled in their face.

And let’s be clear right up front. Some bridges had to come down. We had to set appropriate boundaries. We had to say no to abuse. We had to defend our children and our bodies and our health. And on the other end, some people had to say they had heard enough of our rants against Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. They just weren’t ready.

Cancel culture is a bridge burner extraordinaire. It is based in arrogant, misinformed, programmed people believing they have the right to sideline another. This has nothing to do with setting healthy boundaries, but a spell-bound, closed-minded reaction to allowing another space to have a differing opinion.

But bridges can be rebuilt. Even if we scorched a bridge or two, and the relationships they represent, maybe we all just needed some time and space for some remodeling, some reconstruction, on ourself or the other person. Some repairs were necessary.

With the bridge down—if I may continue with this bridge analogy—some of us took detours and other routes. We may have doubled down on our left-wing or right-wing media and circle of influence. This may have hardened our hearts and stance and delayed the bridge reconstruction.

But it also gave us some time to really reflect. If we were genuinely open minded and dedicated in our search for truth, we learned something. We learned something about ourself. And hopefully we learned something about each other. And we learned about the world, and this spiritual battle we are in.

One thing we may have learned is that ALL OF US are programmed. Every one of us. Our job is to shake off as much of the spells and untruth as possible. If we are going to have any chance at bridge reconstruction, we have to clear our heads and hearts as much as possible. As Gandhi said, we need to be the change.

I lead wellness retreats all over the world. I have had many clients who cancelled and demanded a refund when they either heard about my views or when they saw that we accepted both vaxed or unvaxed, masked or unmasked, clients.

I finally added to my website that we do not discriminate due to gender, race, vaccinations status, etc. But that note alone concerned some people who also asked for refunds, or simply did not sign up in the first place. Some said they did not feel safe on a retreat with unvaccinated people. Meanwhile, I did not feel particularly safe with vaccinated people!

I just received an email from a woman who recently attended one of our retreats. She was not an easy guest, carrying much fear and special dietary needs, and a strong need for control. We catered to her and she came away looking much brighter. About a week after the retreat, I received this email from her:

“Authentically speaking, I must share, I was disheartened to have found some of your blog posts about conspiracy theories and extremist views. These were unsettling because these opinions are inconsistent with the space you’d created over the weekend. 

Of course, this is America, and we’re all free to believe what we wish.  I’m thankful though that you kept your political beliefs out of the weekend. I’ll not forget what I got out of the time I was there but, I won’t be participating in the future. 

Please don’t write me back trying to convince me of anything, just know that we have to agree to disagree. I wish you and Liz no ill will and send thoughts of happiness for both of you.”

While her tone was fairly respectful, her message was heartbreaking. She left no space for reconciliation. For now, the bridge was down.

During some of the retreats themselves, I get bored with small talk. And I felt so stressed and concerned about what the lockdown protocol—not to mention education systems programing our children, “gender affirming care”, 5G  and countless other issues—that I just could not keep my mouth shut. Even on wellness retreats, I would sneak in my not-so-subtle views, often resulting in triggered people and some even demanding a refund.

Furthermore, I would often get arrogant, forgetting my own programing, and that I myself have been asleep much of my life. No one likes a know it all, especially when they really don’t know it all!

I like to think that these “other” people are so afraid, so ignorant, so programmed, but in truth, so am I! I have been wrong a lot more than I care to admit, and I have been a spiritual teacher for over 20 years! How humbling!

To begin our attempt to rebuild some bridges, let’s start with an eye-opening truth. The people who followed orders, who believed in the official protocols and mandates—lockdowns, social distancing, masks and vaccines—well, these people felt that this was for the good of all. These people care.

The people who questioned the official narrative, those who did not believe the science around masks and lockdowns and who had concerns about an unproven “vaccine,” felt they were doing what was most safe, not just for themselves, but for all. These people also care.

So, except for the 1% of sociopaths and satanists, we all care! 99% of us want what is best for all. This is good news! This is a great place to start, and end.

The challenge, again, is that we are all programed. We all get red-pilled, or awaken, at our own pace. Few of us are born enlightened!

And some of us are more deeply under what can only be called a spell, a deep program that will be harder and longer to shake, if it is ever shaken at all. God knows when some will find the courage to nibble on a red pill.

So how do we respond to this programing and these blatant attempts to divide and conquer us? How do we discern whether to stay friends or keep clients when we consider the polarized state of our world, and the depth of the mind control?

Each of us has to decide which acquaintance is salvageable. I had a good friend who was furious with me—and is still furious with me—about my conspiratorial views.  We finally decided to take a chance and play pickleball. What could go wrong?

Well, I don’t like small talk; I need to point out elephants in rooms. At one point, between games, I offered a lighthearted and humble comment about how I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. His energy quickly turned sarcastic and irritated and instead of accepting my self-deprecating kidding, he commented on what a big mouth I have and how crazy my views were throughout the pandemic. We went our separate ways, and God knows if the friendship is reparable. (But I have not given up!)

I wish I could say that I have made as many friends and clients as I have lost these past few years. But it’s okay. The depth of the new friendships with the truther friends I have made is much more profound than past relationships, which if I am honest, many were never all that deep or satisfying anyway.

While it may be easy to point out how fearful the people who followed orders are, I have been very afraid as well. I lost trust. I could not believe that people could not see the New World Order / Great Reset game plan. But in truth, I did not see it until just a few years ago myself, and I was deeply afraid that we would lose, that evil would win.

At a 3 night retreat here in Washington State in July, we had some success! We had a beautiful group of people—17 of us. They were open and vulnerable, but I also sensed that some were a tad programmed, woke and / or vaccinated. This time, we still spoke our truth, but shared in generalities, tossing out small, bite sized red pills, and spacing out any God comments! We spoke about the spiritual war we are in, but in a general way. We certainly raised a few eye brows, and as always, triggered a few people, but nothing too intense and all manageable.

We ended up having a profound retreat. We stretched their comfort zone without overly triggering anyone. It is said that if you do not upset a few people, you are probably not teaching anything of value. Maybe the key is to read the group and share just enough, while also being humble, not claiming a monopoly on truth.

One thing we must do is lean into God. We have to find that connection, that trust. My daily mantra is “Thy will not my will.” We can read scripture and sacred texts, remember the teachings on longsuffering and patience and trust and faith.

This has helped me tremendously. In fact, this is the whole point. God seems to be pouring grace and mercy into this world, offering us a chance to snap out of our sleep. There is grace to the pace we are on. More time before disclosure means more time to repent or face our shadow, however you wish to see it. We are being given a chance to clean up and live a more righteous life, to get right with God.

May we all find that beautiful balance, between humility and arrogance, setting healthy but not permanent boundaries, deconstructing but not burning bridges, and speaking appropriate truth according to God-guided strong but open heart.

Meanwhile, patience and calm are called for. All will be revealed, and while the truth and revelations will upset a lot of people, it will also unite us and set us free.

As Jesus said, “But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.” Matthew 10:26