The whole weekend was an individual journey opening up to strangers that became so dear to me drawing me closer every minute. I didn’t want to leave the retreat because the magic spell would be broken. I now seek ways to open my world to the magic of that connection to others … to keep it going.  I feel peaceful. I feel unhurried. I feel more love than at any time in my life.

Margo, 2015 Peaceful Mt Retreat attendee

Yoga & Prayer Retreat

Peaceful Mountain, North Cascade Mountains, WA

September 8-11, 2022


PLEASE NOTE: We will do our best to stay safe, but with all the polarity and division, we will NOT be adding to it by discriminating between masked or unmasked, vaxed or unvaxed, etc. We trust one another to take care of one’s self and the group. All welcome!

Please note that this is an alcohol free event.




  • $495: Shared, basic room, shared bath outside your room
  • $550: Shared, nicer room with private bath inside your room
  • $425: Tent (your own gear ideally, or rent from us $25 per person)


Three nights shared lodging, organic love cooked meals, yoga, prayer, meditation, bible study, hike, workshop, silent nature walk, community.





I loved the people, the location, the yoga and the fun!


I so enjoyed every aspect of our amazing 3 day yoga retreat and hope to do it again soon.  The two of you were so welcoming, warm, and helpful.

Lori, Seattle

Retreat Theme

This is a special theme of “The Life & Lessons of Christ”. An opportunity to deepen your reglationship with God / Divine. This is the first time we will explore our favorite lessons of Jesus. We will also explore our own lives, our spiritual and religious history, beliefs and goals, in a safe and sacred community. We will also look at New Age and yoga teachings versus the bible and teachings of Jesus to see if they clash or can coexist.

Some say that Jesus was the ultimate yogi, and that He even studied in India for much of His missing years between the ages of 12 and 30, when He began His ministry. The famous enlightened yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the book, “The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ within You” says there is a “perfect unity that exists among the revelations of the Christian Bible, the Bhagavad Gita of India, and all other time-tested true scriptures”. Is this true? Let’s explore together.



What else will we do

Besides daily yoga, prayer and bible study, and silent meditation walk, we will offer a beautiful hike in the North Cascade Mountains.


Peaceful Mountain is a beautiful accommodation near Mt. Baker with everything we need: yoga and prayer spaces, exercise room, sauna, full kitchen from which we will serve three organic meals daily, and access to nature and hiking trails. Rod is a wonderful owner and host, who may play his didgeridoo for us if we are lucky!


Teachers, cooks and hike leaders


Click here form more info on Instructors

Roy Holman will teach some of the yoga classes and lead the hike. Roy teaches a breath-connected, meditative, flow vinioga, and has led over 80 retreats, in the North Cascades as well as in Sedona, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali and Guatemala. We will have a total of 3 yoga classes over the weekend in the beautiful space, prayer workshop, meditation, a silent meditation walk. Oh, and great food and great people!

Liz Gross will also teach yoga, meditation and energy work, and help cook!

“I believe all healing involves alignment of the soul with the body. When you’re consciously in touch with the life energy within yourself, you have awareness & communication with the flow of energy that connects you to spirit. I feel very passionate about Vibrational Medicine and love working with others in this way & helping others to connect with their purpose and passion in life.”

Vibrational Energy Medicine brings the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies back into balance, which opens the way for rebuilding the healing systems of the body. Please read more about Liz at her website

The Methow ValleyWho attends

You! We usually have about 15 people, a chance to make new friends and connect, but also quiet time to read, relax, and rejuvenate. You are invited to do as many or as little as the classes and activities as fits you and your needs.

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