Hot Springs, Montana

Health, Healing & Wellness Retreat


Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Healing, Soaking

in some of the most Healing Mineral Baths on Earth!


 May 11-17, 2025




Price includes:

♥  Two teachers to support you for your healing retreat

♥  Luxurious lodging at Sophia Springs Retreat Center

♥  Two healthy, organic, delicious meals a day

♥  Hot Healing Mineral Baths – available all day, every day

♥  Classes: Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Cancer Cures, Detox & Nutrition

♥  Bison Reserve & Flathead Lake Drive

♥  Soak at famous Quinn’s & Symes Hot Springs

♥  Regular check-ins, meditations, and discussion groups

♥  Time to relax, rejuvenate, read, other healing options available ….

♥  Extra Healing & Gentle Hiking Options

♥  Alcohol-free event please


Accommodations (6 nights):


Guest House (per person price): Double $1500, Single 2500

Note: Guest House is a stand alone house with living room, large kitchen, and two beautiful bedrooms (2 queen beds in each room), which share a bath. This is the main house, and is also where the community meals are prepared and classes held, so less privacy than Suites (below). This is a good choice for two friends, or people traveling solo (we will find you a room mate).

Suites (per person price): Double 1700, Triple 1400

Note: Suites are comfy, spacious, private lodging, including a private kitchen, one bedroom with queen bed, one living room with double sofa bed, a beautiful bathroom, very quiet.





“So enjoyed this relaxing, nourishing Hot Springs Montana retreat!  Roy and Liz were excellent hosts who made the retreat a personal experience.  They had flexibility in the schedule to fit the group, went out of their way to make incredibly wonderful healthy meals, and approached the retreat as both an educational experience as well as one to have fun.”

Gail, 2023 participant

Why Hot Springs, Montana?

Liz and I “accidentally” (as in guided!) discovered this little gem of a town while returning from Glacier National Park in 2021. We stopped for a quick soak, and ended up staying the night. Since then, we have been back several times, so impressed with the healing properties of the mineral water, and the kindness of the people.

The water is rated first or second in the entire world, depending on who you talk to, in certain minerals. Their motto in Hot Springs is “Limp in, Leap out!” The town itself is tiny and unpretentious. People move slow, have time to talk and connect, and are genuine. There are deer and wild turkey roaming the streets!

While the town is nothing fancy, the residents are genuine and unpretentious, and our Sophia Springs Lodging is comfy, clean and awesome. There are nice suites for 2 or 3 people, and a guest house with two bedrooms, with two queen beds in each room. There are two natural mineral soaking tubs for our use, and others nearby.


What will we do?

This will be our third retreat to Hot Springs. The retreat is a combo of soaking-relaxing, body movement, and important ane timely health teachings & education. Hot Springs is an awesome spot to just hang out, slow down, and soak, heal, detoxify, learn, rest and rejuvenate. To assist your healing, we will lead daily slow flow body movement and yoga classes, lead some prayerful meditations, teach a daily workshop (nutrition, detoxification, healing, fermentation, holistic teeth care, cancer prevention, etc.), while still leaving time for the precious hot springs soaks (either right in our own tubs at Sophia, or in the local springs around town).

We will also have some wonderful healing options: NeurOptimal Brain Training technology, Rapid Release (for clearing scar tissue and tight muscles) and Biopulsar readings (to see your real time chakra and aura ratings). Extra fee for these options.

For those who want to “do” a bit more, we will also take a one hour drive to the Bison Range. There is also a short hike to a great view of the town and valley. We also visit a small local waterfall (very short hike), and visit two other awesome hot springs in the area.


What about Food?

We will be preparing bountiful healthy breakfasts (eggs, oatmeal, granola, fruits, nuts, yogurt, coffee, tea, etc.) and one second meal (either lunch or dinner). For those who desire a third meal, we have good news: you have a nice kitchen available, and there is a wonderful organic food co-op with a cafe that makes amazing sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. There are also a couple good dinner spots (although, again, most dinners are included).


Arrival and Transport

Hot Springs, Montana is located in Western Montana, under 1.5 hours from Missoula, the closest major airport. We probably won’t be renting a van for this week, so please plan to drive or rent a car. If you need a ride to or from the airport, we will do our best to either line you up with someone with a car, or possibly pick you up ($50 each way). Hot Springs is about 8 hours from Seattle

“This was a fantastic retreat in the small town of Hot Springs, Montana.  If you are looking for a retreat where the facilitators (Roy and Liz) know each person in the group as an individual with unique needs you found the right folks.  Our retreat had people from ages 16 to the mid 70s and all left loving the experience. In addition to knowing the participants they are very skilled in teaching yoga, meditation, and leading discussions about health for the body, mind and spirit.  You can also count on ORGANIC, low sugar foods. Their retreats are also safe if traveling solo or with friends.”



Mona, 2023 participant

“Doing is never enough if you neglect being.

Eckhart Tolle

What does trip look like? What are the details?

Arrival: You may arrive anytime after 4pm the afternoon of Sunday, May 5th. Options: Fly into Missoula International Airport, where you can rent a car. Or we might be able to pick you up for an extra fee if time and space allows (we will NOT have a rental van, just our Honda!). Note: We are happy to help you find carpool or rental friends to save gas and costs

Sunday: We will settle in for a short yoga class, an orientation, dinner, and of course a good hot soak.

Monday: Morning meditation, hot soak, coffee or tea, then Breakfast (included), workshop on health and healing, lunch break, more soak time, afternoon slow flow body movement, dinner by Liz, more soak time.

Tuesday: Morning meditation and body movement, coffee or tea, then Breakfast (included), soaking time. Nutrition workshop (non-dogmatic!). Body movement class, then dinner by Roy.

Wednesday: Morning coffee or tea, meditation, body movement, then Breakfast, soaking time, morning workshop on cancer prevention. Then after lunch, one hour drive to bison range. Dinner.

Thursday: Morning meditation, coffee or tea, then Breakfast (included), Syme’s Social Soak time, then breakfast, Anaerobic fermentation cooking class by Liz, or other activity, body movement class, then dinner on our own or out together.

Friday: Morning meditation, soak, coffee or tea, then Breakfast (included), then morning yoga, workshop on detoxification, more soak time, dinner out.

Saturday: Morning coffee or tea, yoga, breakfast (included), yoga, depart.

Note: We encourage you to leave a bit of space at the end, not having to rush off, and ideally leave some time in your schedule Saturday, Sunday night and Monday, to integrate, settle in to the new you, the next stage of your adventure.




Your guides: Liz Gross and Roy Holman

Your guides will be Liz Gross and Roy Holman. Both have a passion for assisting people in healing and awakening. Liz is an amazing intuitive healer, and uses a variety of techniques, tools, and technologies for healing, and Roy has over 20 years of teaching body movement, meditation and healing.



Pay (approximately) in Full $1500:

Pay a Deposit $500: