Wellness, Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Healing

Washington, Sedona, Montana, Hawaii, Bali, Peru, Guatemala, México and Costa Rica Retreats

How our retreats compare with others:


  • Better than others!  Just kidding  🙂
  • 20+ years experience, 100+ wellness retreats led, 500 hour trained.
  • Compassionate, humorous, non-dogmatic teachings.
  • Often over 40s & 50s age group, but all ages, levels welcome.
  • Safe, body friendly, meditative, breath-connected movement.
  • Over half of participants return for future retreats with us.
  • Affordable: often priced less than other retreats.
  • U.S. Retreats in Sedona, Montana, Hawaii and WA state
  • International: Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru …

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I am filled with admiration for your ability to organize this wonderful trip. You gave me a trip of a lifetime – never to be forgotten. Gracias.

Lee H.

I must say this was an enlightening experience, the people, the food, the location, the yoga made for a holiday close to the heart.  Thank you so much! 


2009 Mexico Retreat, Canada

Was it a dream? I can’t think of anything to improve trip.
Thank you for the perfect vacation.
I could not have dreamed of something better.

Kathy M.

Wonderful, helpful, compassionate teachers, excellent location. A fun week with great people at a great price.

Brenda C.

Who We Are

Based in Everett, WA, USA, I (Roy) have run Holman Health Connections since 2000. I am passionate about wellness, healing and awakening, and have lived and studied for five years outside the U.S. I am 500 hour certified in viniyoga, a body-friendly,  gentle, breath-connected, meditative yoga. Rather than idolize the body or glorify false gods, we focus on sacred, prayerful yoga that cleanses the body temple and invites the presence of our Sacred Source and the Holy Spirit. Since 2014, my wonderful and gifted partner Liz Gross leads, cooks and teaches with me on retreats.

What We Do

I have led over 100 wellness retreats in WA, Sedona, Montana and globally (Mexico, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc.)  I lead various workshops, meditation classes, and also host a weekly podcast called Soulful Warrior. I also offer Brain Training and Reflexology. My passion is helping people see and awaken. I work with my partner Liz Gross, a gifted healer and teacher, who has co-led on over 60 of the above mentioned retreats.



Washington Yoga Retreat
July 11-14, 2024


Olympics Yoga Hiking
August 11-17, 2024

Rock formation in Sedona, AZ

Yoga Hiking Sedona
October 13-19, 2024

Mexico Yoga Retreat

January 4-11, 2025

Rock formation in Sedona, AZ

Frog Creek Lodge
June 26-30, 2024


Montana Health Retreat
May 5-11, 2024

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