Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Healing, Awakening

Washington, Sedona, Hawaii, Bali, Peru, Guatemala, México and Costa Rica Retreats

How our retreats compare with others:


  • Better than others!  Just kidding … 🙂
  • 20 years experience, 75 retreats led, 500 hour trained.
  • Compassionate, humorous, non-dogmatic teachings.
  • Often over 40s & 50s age group, but all ages, levels welcome.
  • Safe, body friendly, meditative, breath-connected yoga.
  • Over half of participants return for future retreats with us.
  • Affordable: often priced less than other retreats.
  • U.S. Retreats in Sedona and Hawaii and WA state
  • International: Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru …

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I am filled with admiration for your ability to organize this wonderful trip. You gave me a trip of a lifetime – never to be forgotten. Gracias.

Lee H.

I must say this was an enlightening experience, the people, the food, the location, the yoga made for a holiday close to the heart.  Thank you so much! 


2009 Mexico Retreat, Canada

Was it a dream? I can’t think of anything to improve trip.
Thank you for the perfect vacation.
I could not have dreamed of something better.

Kathy M.

Wonderful, helpful, compassionate teachers, excellent location. A fun week with great people at a great price.

Brenda C.

Who We Are

Based in Everett, WA, USA, I (Roy Holman) have run Holman Health Connections since 2000.  500 hour certified in viniyoga, a body-friendly, gentle, breath connected, meditative yoga. Also certified in meditation, HeartMath, healing, reflexology, radio show host and hike leader. I love helping people clear their fear and “stuff” and access their deepest, authentic, joyful, spiritual self.

What We Do

I teach yoga classes in the Everett and Seattle area of Washington State, and have led over 75 retreats in WA, Sedona and globally. I lead various workshops, meditation classes, and also host a radio program each week on 1150 AM KKNW. Show is called 2020 Vision. More radio info here.


Aldermarsh Yoga Retreat
March 26-28, 2021

Washington Yoga Retreat
July 16-18, 2021

Rock formation in Sedona, AZ

Yoga Hiking Retreat Sedona
October 17-23, 2021


Yelapa Mexico Yoga Retreat

January 9-16, 2022

Costa Rica Retreat!
February 27-28, 2021


Bali Retreat
May 6-16, 2022

Guatemala meditation

Peru Yoga Retreat

May 10-20, 2023

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