“What you teach is so much more than just yoga. I never thought when I signed up for a yoga class two years ago that I would be on the path that I am on.  It’s really a blessing!”

Kathy, Everett



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Yoga helps relieve back pain, reduce weight gain in middle age, calm the mind, and keep our center during turbulent times. By inviting presence, yoga not only helps us recover from countless physical, mental, and emotional challenges, but also helps us awaken to our deepest sense of peace, passion and purpose.


See below for class schedule, fees, and instructions on how to use ZOOM.


Let’s not let any obstacle keep us from continuing to connect in the heart of compassion



Special Online Classes –  all times Pacific Coast Time, USA


Yoga and Meditation: See below to register for any class.

Suggested contribution $10 for most classes

Tuesday Gentle Yoga & Meditation (Roy) 6pm

Wednesday 10 am (Liz) Slow Flow with Yoga Nidra Meditation 


Ongoing Weekly Online Yoga & Meditation Classes:

Suggested contribution for the below classes is $10 per class. Free for those with financial need. You may add more than one class to the cart or add two or more of any one class. Or you can make a contribution by check

Tuesdays 6-7:10pm

Gentle Yoga and Meditation (Roy)

Wednesdays 10-11am

Slow Flow Gentle Yoga with Yoga Nidra (Liz)


To Register:

Just call or text (425-422-0023) or email me holmanhealth@gmail.com. Say which specific class you will attend. I will need your email to send you log in link and instructions for ZOOM call.


How to use ZOOM:

We have a paid ZOOM account. I will send you a link to get on the ZOOM video call.

You might have to download the free app if you have not used ZOOM before. It is fairly simple to use.

You enter with audio: “Connect with audio”. To activate your video, you might have to click on the lower left camera icon on your screen. If it has a red line across it, that means it is off, so click it on.

Or … if you are in your pajamas 😊 or you are having a bad hair day, or simply want to stay invisible,no worries, just leave video off. It’s nice to say hello to each other though. Who needs makeup!?

During the class, we sometimes mute everyone except the teacher, but to get my attention, just wave your hand. Or there is a place you can raise your virtual hand, or use the chat box to send me a message.

Note: It is best to set up your computer or phone near a router for best band with.

If you have a problem, either send a note via chat, or call me at 425-422-0023 or 425-303-8150.

” I realize that every time I have a bad week, it’s when I skipped my yoga class. It’s the one time each week when I get to breathe and get out of my head.”


Pamela, Everett

Upcoming Classes, Events and Playshops

 Sign up for any event by simply emailing Roy : holmanhealth@gmail.com


Align with Divine

Lost your center? Are you challenged by all the constant change in our world? Come learn and practice techniques to anchor in to that which is changeless, amidst changing and challenging times on Earth. When stressed, we often double down on lifestyles, patterns, and habits that unground us and disconnect us from what is real, all loving, always available.

Join Roy and Liz as we share some tips, practices and meditations to help you reconnect and remember that you have an always present Source of guidance and protection. Call this Source, God, Divine, the name is not so important.

We will do a two hour ZOOM class, or you can choose an in person four hour event at our home in Everett, WA.

Thursday, November 4: 5-7pm Pacific time (via ZOOM). We will send you the link, or ….. (open donation)

Saturday, November 6, 1-5pm Pacific time, at our home in North Everett. (suggested donation $45)




Meditation Workshops

New Dates coming ……

ZOOM call: Red Pill Playshop

New dates coming ….




“Thank you for your kindness. I want you to know that your class touches more than just the muscles; it touches the soul.”


Rhonda, Everett



Please call or contact Roy directly for more info.- don’t be shy!  425-422-0023



“Yoga is a Universal culture. It is meant for one and all. Yoga makes a Christian a better Christian, a Hindu a better Hindu, a Mohammedan a better Mohammedan, a human being a better human being.”

Geeta Iyengar