I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the past four days. I felt that each activity, meal, discussion and adventure was created with great care and intention. You set the tone for generosity, compassion and deep listening. You ensured that every comfort was surpassed, so that we could focus on reconnecting with ourselves and nature.

In life I’ve been taught that love must be earned. Yet during the retreat I experienced countless acts of kindness by complete strangers. My heart is so full. My perceptions are changed. This is a transformative gift that I will carry with me always.

I am so grateful, is all I keep thinking.

Chelsea, 2018 Peaceful Mt Retreat attendee

Yoga Meditation Hiking Retreat

Peaceful Mountain, North Cascade Mountains, WA

July 11-14, 2024


September 5-8, 2024






For 3 Nights: $595 shared room with shared bath. $695 shared room with private bath inside room, $495 tent, includes 3 nights shared accommodations, organic, healthy meals, all yoga, meditation classes, sound healing, guided hike, sound bath, sauna.




Please note that this is an alcohol free event,

and we ask that there please be no cell phones at the table during mealtimes. 


The retreat was absolutely wonderful. I am energized and full of optimism as I face some daunting challenges in the coming months. 

Lily, Seattle

A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.

Tim Cahill

Retreat Themes

July:  “The Heart and Art of Presence”. We will explore the meaning of “Presence” and offer tips to feel and allow more presence, awareness, and attention to our life. We will offer some breath and meditation techniques to facilitate the experience of more presence in your life. We will include silent times on the hike, as well as a silent meditation walk in nature.

September: Yoga Union and Disunion! The word yoga means “to yoke” or unite, but are there some things we want to disconnect from? (our bitterness, fear, gossip, judgment, etc.)



What else will we do

Besides yoga and meditation, we will do some hiking in beautiful mountains and forests. We will also include a couple small workshops / playshops to dive deeper into the topic of presence, meditation, breath, etc.


Sound Bath

An easy way to calm the mind and access higher energy vibrations. We invite the group to lie down and relax while Liz and Roy play a variety of instruments and sounds to help us move into blissful rest before bedtime, ahhhhhhhhhh ….



Peaceful Mountain is a beautiful accommodation near Mt. Baker with everything we need: nice yoga space, meditation & gathering space, exercise room, sauna, full kitchen from which we will serve three delicious meals daily, and access to nature and hiking trails in the area. Rod is a wonderful owner and host, who may play his didgeridoo for us if we are lucky! The rooms with private bath are upstairs and a bit more spacious, and the shared rooms downstairs have 3 rooms to share two baths.



Teachers, cooks and hike leaders

Liz and Roy We love creating loving, organic, healthy and tasty meals. Included is Thursday night dinner, then three meals each day, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday bountiful brunch.

Click here form more info on Instructors

Roy Holman will teach some of the yoga classes and lead the hike. Roy teaches a breath-connected, meditative, flow viniyoga, and has led over 80 retreats, in the North Cascades as well as in Sedona, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali and Guatemala. We will have a total of four or five yoga classes over the weekend in the beautiful space, breathwork workshops, meditation classes,, a hike, a silent meditation walk..

Liz Gross is an amazing, intuitive healer, and will also teach yoga, meditation and energy work, and help cook! She will offer a variety of optional extra healing gifts extra cost), and each of us is available for issues or questions that arise.

Liz: “I believe all healing involves alignment of the soul with the body. When you’re consciously in touch with the life energy within yourself, you have awareness & communication with the flow of energy that connects you to spirit. I feel very passionate about Vibrational Medicine and love working with others in this way & helping others to connect with their purpose and passion in life.”

Vibrational Energy Medicine brings the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies back into balance, which opens the way for rebuilding the healing systems of the body. Please read more about Liz at her website

COVID Policy

Yoga is about unity and oneness, not divisiveness and polarity. All are welcome on our retreats. We do not discriminate for any reason, including sex, gender, race, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated, masked or unmasked. We trust you to take care of yourself, and to decide first, if this trip is for you, and second, how to take care of yourself. We will do our part to keep everyone safe and honor all our needs, but ultimately, your health is your responsibility. May this retreat be a healing experience for all.

Payment and Refund Policy

It may be advisable to purchase Travel Cancelation insurance, as there is much uncertainty and change these days (you may have noticed!). We request a $500 deposit ($100 for Washington Retreats), balance due 30 days prior to trip–when possible.  Note:  Deposit is generally nonrefundable. 3/4 of later payment may be refunded if you cancel > 30 days prior to trip, 1/2 refund if you cancel 15 – 30 days prior to trip (depending on retreat center refund policy), no refund under 15 days prior to trip–unless I can get some money back from hotels and retreat center.  Note: In these wild, COVID times, we do our best to expand our refund policy, being fair to all involved.

Who attends


You! We usually have about 15-20 people, a chance to make new friends and connect, but also quiet time to read, relax, and rejuvenate. You are invited to do as many or as little as the classes and activities as fits you and your needs.

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The whole weekend was an individual journey opening up to strangers that became so dear to me drawing me closer every minute. I didn’t want to leave the retreat because the magic spell would be broken. I now seek ways to open my world to the magic of that connection to others … to keep it going.  I feel peaceful. I feel unhurried. I feel more love than at any time in my life.

Margo, 2015 Peaceful Mt Retreat attendee