I feel like I need to make a half year resolution: Bless more than bicker. I now see how imbalanced I, and many of us got, when we recognized the depth of the evil and their plans and plandemics.

Many of us warned and ranted and raged. We went on social media and got a buzz off of our fearful rants, how the dark forces are doing this and the evil ones are doing that. We focused more on the enemy and less on our beloved Friend, God that is.

I hear a speaker say recently, “We’ve been overwhelmed with evil and underwhelmed with God.”

I have been getting the message lately, loud and clear, that our Sacred Source, which some of us call God, wants us happy and joyful and full of praise and gratitude.

One way this message came through was around the death of our beloved doggie Koda. Liz and I loved that dog so much; my eyes tear up just thinking of him. It was a beautiful love, and a beautiful grieving. We did it well. We grieved fully, unrestrained. One of us would cry—sometimes more of a wail—and the other would join in. Or we took turns. We still grieve.

While I got the feeling we were doing this grieving thing beautiful and naturally, I also got what at first seemed a contrary message: get a new puppy. When an opportunity arose out of nowhere to get another Maltese, Liz and I both hesitated, and felt some guilt.

But in my meditation, I got a clear message: The love for the passed doggie Koda is never diminished by bringing a new joyful puppy companion into our life.

Indeed, our new friend, Boca, is a delight. OF course we still love and miss Koda, but this dog is clearly healing our hearts and bringing in so such joy.

I am sharing this because joy is important. Praise and gratitude are important. The enemy would like nothing better than to squelch our joy, smother our praise, focus more on him rather than God. Do you see how important this is?

This praise and joy and gratitude needs to come even when–and especially when–we seem surrounded by the enemy. And with wokeism, Pride events, an open border, insane support for Ukraine, ridiculous President and Vice President, politically motivated false convictions against a former President, “gender affirming care” (body mutilation), Critical Race Theory and so much more, it is so easy to fall out of praise. But praise we must. Be joyful we must. Be bold and fearless we must.

And on that note, again, while it would be easy to focus on the above mentioned real life worldly issues, here is some good news:

First, God is so much bigger than the enemy! The enemy has revealed himself, desperate, and making mistakes. And people are waking up, seeing how Christians are getting attacked and marginalized, and that is backfiring and not only waking people up but turning many back to Jesus and God!

So, that is the biggest good news, the news above all weird and negative and fake news. Trump’s conviction is perhaps a distraction to discourage us. This is an energy war, among many other things. So let’s watch our energy.

But here are some real life, worldly examples of how the evil ones are being dismantled:

  • We have survived 3 years of a horrible leadership after a stolen election.
  • WHO Treaty dead, at least for now!
  • We still have our guns.
  • 2 out of 3 of the leading Presidential candidates are arguably good
  • And … more and more see that it is God and we the people who will save us—not some politician.
  • Evil ones haven’t been able to sell a new plandemic.
  • Economy alive, still somehow breathing.
  • CBDC not so popular. House voted to reject CBDC end of May.
  • People are dropping MSM like crazy.
  • More people seeing border insanity.
  • Ukraine policies and blind-false support in trouble.
  • Twitter getting some info out, and countless other true news.
  • People tiring of wokeism.
  • States are abolishing taxes on gold and silver.
  • States are abolishing chem trails.
  • States abolishing insane mutilation of children (affirming care).
  • Sex trafficking rings are being arrested.
  • Anecdotal: My Uber rider from Philippines, been here 40 years, saw how country has fallen, awake about West coast cities and politics and global events. I love seeing people awake!

A couple other feel good reports I heard on website “Good News Network”:


In 2 Chronicles 20:15, we are called to lean into God and know that no matter the perceived size and strength of the enemy, we have Godly backing: : “He said: “Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

Stand firm, stand tall, speak truth. Do not be afraid.

Blessings, Roy