“Take no part in the unfruitful acts of darkness, but expose them.”

                                                                                Jesus Christ

As we all know, the 2020-22 time period has been one of the most challenging times. Yet although it feels wilder than ever, perhaps we are simply seeing the wildness that was always here, but previously invisible or hidden.

Three of the most important things for me in life are 1. connection to Source, 2. truth, and 3. community. All three of these have been challenged over this past couple years.

Our very Source connection could be challenged by fear and stress. Truth has been a casualty of this pandemic, rioting and election with tremendous and widespread censoring and disinformation. And with the lockdown, it is difficult to gather in community.

As a truther, I have dug deep these past couple years, and what I have found has changed my life. While I remain confident and excited about some huge and profound positive shifts, some of what I have learned is tremendously disturbing, and I have felt compelled to share some of this in blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.

As a result, I have lost some friends and clients, and this saddens me. Most people do not dive as deep as some of us have, clinging to mainstream narratives, and my findings are met with visceral shock and disgust. Here is just a sampling of what I have heard from “friends” via email or social media–often just before they unfriend me, or before I have to unfriend them!

  • You’ve gone psycho Roy.
  • Your Ego is over the top…. needless to say I won’t be attending any of your yoga classes or retreats so do not need your newsletter. I hope you wake up & see the light soon.
  • May I suggest that you take a moment to pause and check your white privilege.
  • If you believe those crazy theories, they poisoned the public with then it’s finally time to unfriend. I cannot read any more of your posts because you are so deep into conspiracy bullshit but keep preaching some message of love and peace and that makes me sick.
  • Watched a few of your videos Roy. Hope you get help for your mental problems old friend. Unfriending you on FB. Don’t ever contact me again. Your ego and ignorance are enormous. Buh bye
  • I was one of his yoga students and I sadly won’t be back. I’m afraid Roy has gone off the rails 
  • You have lost it.

Valuing connection, I have invited dozens of these friends to call me so we can chat by phone, but to date, not one person has taken me up on it. (Update: finally, two people have called, and we had beautiful conversations, even if we disagree). I think we are often more comfortable reacting, judging, labeling, marginalizing or even attacking than connecting, understanding and finding common ground, which there is usually a lot of.

Let me be clear. We have all been programmed, and none of us sees everything that is going on. There is so much disinformation and yes, mind control being used, all of us have been confused to some degree. The important thing is to be humble, stay open, admit when we are wrong, and shift when new info presents itself.

Like many of us I tended to believe what I was hearing about President Trump. I am a lifelong progressive or Democrat. Even though she didn’t excite me—and I did not trust her–I voted for Hillary in 2016. And I later joined the chorus of Trump Derangement Syndrome echoes. He seemed divisive and less than Presidential at the least, and dangerous at worst.

By 2018 or so I began hearing things from reasonably intelligent people, people who are seriously researching deeper than I was on many issues. I began hearing things that did not fit my progressive narrative. My ego rebelled, and I argued with many of these people. Their ignorance pissed me off.

Then I did something very courageous, in my humble view. I challenged my worldview. I started going deeper, researching and looking into teachers I do not normally trust or follow. And I was surprised at what I was hearing.

I began to hear about an “Alliance” of “White Hat” military and other ‘good guys’ so to speak, who were perhaps even working with Donald Trump to fight against an evil empire of pedophiles and Deep State operatives. I continued to research and over a couple years, slowly began to wonder if this was possible.

The following is a brief overview of the structure of what I understand is currently occurring on Earth. It is not at all comprehensive, but meant to invite further research for those who are curious. Like all of us, I still do not know.

Note: Below is my best guess at this point, but keep in mind, there is much we do not know. There is tremendous programing, disinformation and what is known as “controlled opposition” to distract, divide and confuse us. It is quite possible that Donald Trump is also working with the dark side (this would explain why he was still recommending vaccines the last I heard in 2021). We shall see ….

Shift: First, we must acknowledge that there is a real shift taking place on Earth. This precedes all the chaos we are witnessing and experiencing on Earth right now! In other words, as the energy vibration or frequency in our Solar System rises, and as the Solar activity accelerates, among other shifts, it shines a light into every previously dark and hidden corner. It rattles the cage, so to speak. And anything not in tune with this new, higher energy simply has to dissipate. But first, it or they have decided to fight like mad, and increase their control game.

Deep State: To grasp any understanding of the current situation in our country or on the planet, one has to understand that there is indeed a group, or group of groups, a cabal, a Deep State with a globalist agenda. These groups go back hundreds if not thousands of years. More recently, these groups include the Illuminati, higher levels of the Freemasons, elements of the Vatican, the British Crown, various Asian groups, and many more. Familiar family names include the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Remember, these people have deep tentacles into much of our world. The United Nations was begun in 1945 under guidance of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and are currently working towards the Global Domination Agenda, the “Great Reset” (see New World Order below).

New World order:  These groups have actually held control of the planet to various degrees for at least hundreds if not thousands of years. The plan has been around for decades, but intensified in recent years to usher in a new world order/one world government.

These people knew that this would be a key time historically to gain control of the Earth’s population. If one looks into the Club of Rome meetings, Agenda 21 (later changed to agenda 2030), Event 201 (simulation of a pandemic event in October of 2019), the Billionaires club, and countless other references to a “global reset”, it will become obvious but there is a quite aggressive global agenda, which includes some hideous and shocking aspects.

Part of this plan reportedly included a 16 year plan, including eight years of a Barack Obama presidency, followed by eight years of Hillary Clinton. She was not supposed to lose the election, especially to an outsider like Donald J Trump. They had the fix in, but the ‘good guys’ prevented this from occurring.


Alternatively, it is possible that the dark side did something they are quite good at: playing both sides. It is possible that Donald Trump was working for the dark side, just as the Cabal has controlled both the Democrats and Republicans to give the illusion of choice. The Deep State also usually starts wars and again, controls both sides for various goals.

Presently, the World Economic Forum, which is run by the same person who founded it back in 1971, Klaus Schwab, is speeding up its plans for a Global Reset.

Global Great Reset and One World Government: Here is an idea of the to do list for these globalist technocrats who are being forced to hurry their plans for a New World Order–possibly because the Alliance (also called Earth Alliance or White Hats, see below) are forcing their hand and starting to arrest them!

To Do List for Global Domination Agenda: (also see ‘false flags’ below for better understanding):

  • Stir fear by exaggerating danger around climate change (Paris Accords)
  • Destroy US economy, as well as global economies
  • Shift trillions upwards to banks and elite corporations, big bailouts
  • Defund police, take arms away for people cannot defend themselves
  • Scare, divide, confuse, instill guilt
  • Social control (masks, social distance, lockdowns)
  • Eliminate resistance, dissonance or protest (except for BLM & Antifa, which they created for fear, division)
  • Divide and Conquer: civil war or at least have us fight each other and not see true enemies
  • Cashless society and guaranteed, universal basic income
  • Remove Trump (ideally during first term, but now no second term)
  • FEMA and containment camps for continuing dissidents.
  • Chips or Digital ID for travel, etc.
  • Total surveillance control, toxic 5G, internet of things, social credit system (like China)
  • Mandatory vaccines for AI control and control
  • Global (UN, WHO, CDC) control of healthcare
  • Depopulation, removing up to 80 or 90% of Earth’s population
  • One World Government

Note: It is important to understand that the current administration, under Biden, is clearly trying to tear our country apart, using many strategies: introduce communism, divide and conquer (instigate racism), open the borders to child trafficking, drugs, criminals, etc., force vaccines, weaken the constitution, etc.

The Earth Alliance: The Alliance, sometimes call the White Hats, a U.S. (or perhaps global) group, seems to have been started in the 1950s or 1960s (some say even earlier). With the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it became obvious that the Deep State and CIA had become too powerful.

A long-range plan was begun to take down this CIA-supported Deep State behemoth. Their plan includes getting us off of Central Bank system, nationalizing the Federal Reserve, and initiating a new and fair financial system.

Some believe that years ago, certain generals who were apparently part of this Alliance approached Donald Trump. They knew of his integrity and love for our country, and that he had economic resources, and invited him to run for President, and promised to do their best to eliminate any voter fraud from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Apparently, there was still some fraud but not enough to defeat Trump in 2016.

The Deep State quickly overcame their shock at Trump’s victory and went to war against the Trump administration, starting with a spying campaign, the Russian hoax (clearly disproven but many still believe it due to mainstream media manipulation), and later a wide variety of accusations and distractions such as Ukraine and impeachment proceedings.

Mainstream media: The media is a key actor to achieve any understanding of our current conditions. The mainstream media is owned and controlled by the Deep State. This is essential in understanding ongoing mind programming and social engineering, including the CIA Operation Mockingbird, that has created the greatest contempt and hatred of a man, Donald Trump, since Adolf Hitler.

Many of the mainstream media are paid actors, steering public opinion to support Cabal agenda. For example, Antifa riots are considered ‘peaceful protests’. Joe Biden‘s anger is considered “Presidential”. President Trump‘s quick response to the pandemic is attacked as ‘ineffective’.

George Orwell would not be surprised at how lies become truth, and truth has become lies. Certain things are focused in on, while other important news is omitted. Opinions are carefully and consistently swayed and steered by professional mind controllers.

In short, it is my opinion that the baffling, hysterical, illogical reactions (as I offered a sampling of above), and the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” are not harmless venting by understandably frustrated citizens, but a well-orchestrated mind control system to sow contempt for our now ex-President and have him removed from office.

Conspiracy theorist: the CIA created the term conspiracy theorist in the 1950s as a way to discredit and marginalize supposedly crazy people who dare question mainstream narratives.

A reasonably intelligent person would notice that there are obviously countless conspiracies, where two or more people conspire to control or convince. Recently I heard Robert F Kennedy Jr. describe how it would be impossible for Sirhan Sirhan to have killed his father, Robert F Kennedy, if one was to truly explore the evidence.  He also says the same about the assassination of his uncle, John F. Kennedy. The Gulf of Tonkin was another famous “conspiracy” theory that proved true, which leads us to False Flags.

False flags: Sometimes called action-reaction-solution, these are manufactured events to scare people, and then offer a preplanned solution to the problem.

The solutions often remove personal freedoms, further an agenda, and may increase surveillance and spying of the population, for example. They may also start a war. Again, it is also important to know that the Deep State starts most wars, for various reasons, often backing both sides. Wars create fear, division, and result in huge amounts of money flowing into the Deep State coffers, among other benefits.

Update late 2021: Not to alarm anyone, but be watchful for false flags, as the Deep State is panicking over current election fraud audits, adverse reactions to the vaccine, as well as evidence of Anthony Fauci working with the Wuhan Lab to potentially create a gain of function bioweapon. Watch what happens.

COVID 19: So, is this pandemic a false flag? Yes and no. All False Flags clearly have an “issue” or problem related to it. Obviously there is some sort of virus or disease, although the virus itself has never actually been isolated and identified. Evidence seems to increasingly suggest that the virus is a gain of function disease altered in a biological weapons Lab.

Furthermore, the PCR and other tests are not only imperfect but close to useless. False positives range as high as 94%. Of late much of the focus has been on infection “surges” and “variants” (really scariants :), even as hospitalizations go down and death rates plummet all over the world. Death rates have been inflated. Hospitals were even payed $30,000 for every COVID death. Was this virus response about health and safety or scaring and controlling people?

Consider Event 201, organized by Bill and Melinda Gates and the John Hopkins Center, on October 18, 2019 just before the pandemic again. Was this a coincidence? Do they just have amazing foresight? Or were they preparing for an upcoming event?

Furthermore, for the United States, the goal may have been that the Cabal needed Trump out of office, since he was not cooperating with their New World Order plans. The pandemic was intended to ruin Trump’s economy, instill division or even civil war, create chaos, and have voters turn away from Trump.

One obvious tip that this was not just a natural virus, but part of a deeper plan, is that there was never any serious attempt to work upstream, to help people strengthen their immune system, take care of their bodies, such as understand the long-proven role of vitamin C, D or zinc. Other long-proven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, legal since the 50s, was quite safe and effective if used in early treatment, all over the world, but was made illegal. Other cost-effective potential treatments (which Big Pharma does not profit from) such as Ivermectin and Budesonide, were discouraged or marginalized. Everyone was told to simply wait for an unproven, costly and possibly quite unsafe vaccine, even though vaccines are rarely effective for a virus.

There has been a constant flow of misinformation and flip-flopping from the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the WHO (The WHO & CDC are compromised organizations.) Fauci has said that masks are not necessary and do not work, then called for masks. Of late, the WHO says that lockdowns do not work. The WHO has also said that 3 feet might work for social distancing. Other scientists argue that social distancing generally does not help at all, unless someone is carelessly sneezing on people.

Same thing with masks, a point of great division. In the book, “A Case Against Masks” by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD, argue that masks generally do not work. Furthermore, Robert F Kennedy has argued that if we really wanted to protect people, why are there no serious studies that show masks work, or if lockdowns work, or where the virus really came from, or to identify the virus so we can come up with a genuine test and cure.

Some studies show that the more we wear masks, the weaker our immune system gets, with lower oxygen and higher CO2 levels. Some, like Laura Eisenhower, even claim that masks are “satanic submission symbolism” or a shaming and humiliation ritual, a way of showing our sheepishness or subservience, a willingness to give up our freedoms for a practice that not only seems to not work with a virus, but constantly keeps us scared, uncomfortable, divided, and giving power away to authority.

Also, there are strong correlations between where many of the biggest deaths occurred around the world, and where 5G was rolled out. There has been tremendous censorship of anyone linking these two—that 5G is affecting people who test positive for COVID—which often indicates that there indeed is enough evidence to research this deeper.

So even though there is a virus of some sort, it is clearly being used as a problem-reaction-solution situation to scare the population, control people, and have people give up certain freedoms, and say yes to vaccines–probably the true goal.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa: In the midst of this pandemic, along comes George Floyd, and our cities erupted. BLM and Antifa became very well-known after the George Floyd murder (there are still many questions about this being a possible false flag with crisis actors, although it certainly appears that Floyd did indeed die).

Black Lives Matter started, or at least accelerated in 2013, prior to the 2016 presidential election. They went quiet until 2020, again getting very active just before another presidential election.

Numerous Black leaders, including former BLM leaders warn that the group has been hijacked. To me it is unclear if it has been hijacked or actually was actually created under false pretenses, never truly concerned with the lives of Blacks.

BLM is made up of only about 16% Black people. Their funding comes from George Soros, and mostly wealthy, large corporations. Their main purpose is to divide and create chaos. In my opinion, While of course there are good–if confsued–people within BLM, the group is not good for the Black community, or anyone else except the founders and funders.

Antifa is even more radical, extremist and violent. They are quite the opposite of their name; rather than anti-fascist, they use fascist techniques of bullying and destroying businesses, and other tactics to get their way. One man was recently beaten by an Antifa mob for saying “All Lives Matter”.

Antifa and BLM are largely tools of the Deep State to cause chaos, scare people, divide and conquer, and possibly drive people away from Trump. They are also used as money laundering organizations, as the last time I checked, most of the donations that were going to BLM went straight through to the Democratic Party and their candidates.

Some would argue that there’s nothing wrong with that, since the Democrats are the party of people, Blacks and the poor. Research would show that the Democrats are no longer a party that helps people of color, but rather use them at times when they need their vote. Furthermore, this is an energy war as well as an info war, and the racism issue it’s also used to create guilt and shame and again, division.

Of course, racism exists but the true racists are the ancient elite bloodlines, such as the Illuminati. These people truly believe they are the chosen ones who should be running the world. They are the puppet masters, the ones that have us fighting each other, feeling guilty about our God given race or (some of us) “white privilege”. They will be revealed as the true racists who drive us against each other as they plan to take over the planet.

One more note. These forces are also behind the “woke” movement, cancel culture, and critical race theory in the schools. This argues that essentially all white people are inherently racist, white supremacists. Again, while racism has always existed, it is being used to divide and conquer.

Q-anon: Nothing is certain, but Q seems to be some sort of psy-op. For the good or bad side is not clear. I tend to believe that Q is part of the Alliance, working closely with the President. They seem to work closely with the NSA, and have access to a tremendous amount of Intel.

Q puts up posts, using a Socratic method of inviting further research from what are sometimes call digital warriors, or keyboard warriors, “anons”, that is, people who are seeking truth beneath or behind the mainstream narratives. Q offers clues and people do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Because Q is highly effective at offering non mainstream Intel, they are seen as a threat by the powers that be. Therefore, rather than ignore Q as was done when Q began in 2017 and 2018, now Q followers are accused by mainstream media of being dangerous and violent cultists, and are not only marginalized as conspiracy theorists, but more and more censored, here in the supposedly land of the free. Censorship of anything or anyone who threatens the Deep State agenda is a huge concern right now, and Q has been widely helpful in providing accurate information simply not found in mainstream news sources.

The other possibility is that the CIA invented Q as a clever psy-op, again to create confusion and divert attention away from truth, and other nefarious goals. We shall see.

Satan? Pedophilia? Sex Trafficking? Hollywood?  All this Deep State activity goes way deep. Sex and human slave trafficking and pedophilia, as well as drug trafficking, are huge money makers for the Cabal.  Trump seems to have been fighting this swamp, and he signed nine executive orders to fight sex trafficking. He was also fighting pedophilia; 3,000 children were reportedly saved in one raid alone in Saudi Arabia right after Trump took office. There have been many raids since then and many children rescued.

Hollywood comes into the picture for a couple reasons. To make it big in Hollywood, one often has to compromise oneself, not unlike politicians, media pundits, etc. Many Hollywood pedophiles are reportedly being arrested at this time, with many more to come.

But Hollywood plays another part in the Deep State plans. The CIA and Cabal use Hollywood to mind control or program people. One way they do this is called Predictive Programming, where a movie or TV show might be released that plants seeds and helps “normalize” or prepare people to accept a future plan or false flag. And, Satanic symbols and images are often part of this programming, widely used even in Super Bowls.

Satan? There is a plethora of evidence that many of these rituals, sacrifices, symbols and practices are Satanic. And there are many who feel that if we go down the rabbit hole deep enough, we certainly come to more challenging possibilities of non-human, demonic or at least extraterrestrial beings in this drama.

Many feel this is no less than a Biblical good versus evil battle going on, with the forces of light going up against Satanic or Luciferian agendas.

Technocracy, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Vaccines and Transhumanism: These again, are big topics, but clearly part of the New World Order plans. Technocracy is part of the Economic Reset plan, sort of a non-Democratic appointment of leaders from the tech world, someone like a Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci. It is not just any science that is followed though, but a certain version of science.

Transhumanism merges man and machine. It has begun. We are addicted to our gadgets and toys and cell phones and computers. Then we get implants: titanium knee or hip anyone? Then we get merged with machines, where we can enhance our vision or soldier skills (super soldiers). None of this is necessarily terrible, and each have genuine benefits, But when tied into the big plan and AI of course, which some see as the greatest threat to humanity at this time, we have potentially tragic consequences, even inviting humans to lose contact with their soul and merge with AI in the pursuit of health and longevity.

5G technology is potentially, arguably the most dangerous threat to humanity. All this combines with the New World Order surveillance state, with smart meters watching over our home, and Facebook, Siri and Echo sending info back to the CIA. And 5G towers and antennas on our streets, roofs and in space as satellites.

Vaccines: Vaccines, like 5G, are also a big part of the depopulation agenda (more on this below). This COVID particular vaccine, if Bill Gates and company have their way, is no ordinary vaccine. Indeed, I should say that most vaccines, research shows, have a dark side to them. Why do our children need 69 vaccines nowadays, which are often, if we are honest, full of unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects?

The COVID Big Pharma vaccine’s ingredients are not disclosed, but what has been discovered is hideous. It could soon also include micro chipping for identification purposes. Like 5G, there are also concerns of us being affected or controlled by outside ourselves. No, this is not science fiction mumbo jumbo. RFK Jr. has done excellent work on this. Dr. Christine Northrup as well. And look up the great work of Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Judy Mikovitz.

At the time of this writing in December of 2021, there have been over 19,000 deaths in the US of people who took the COVID vaccine and one million adverse reactions (according to VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). And it turns out that the vaccine does not work, as you can still get infected or infect someone else. So booster after booster is the apparent answer.

According to Megan Rose and others, the COVID vaccines also have extraterrestrial ingredients which interact with 5G satellites to control humans from afar, make them less “human” and more subservient. I am also hearing reports that the Earth Alliance and other support have neutralized these satellites, although the vaccines are still extremely dangerous to human health.

Divide and conquer: So here’s a question; if God forbid, there is a Civil War in the United States, whose side would you take? Who would the enemy be? Would it be Democrats versus Republicans? Would it be Antifa and Black Lives Matter against white supremacists? Would it be communists against capitalist? Vaxers versus Anti-vaxers? Mask wearers versus non-mask wearers? Would your neighbor be a good guy or bad guy? How would you recognize the enemy?

It’s an interesting question yes? In my opinion, 99% of us want the same thing. Do you want a clean environment, abundance, freedom, a government you can trust, etc?

Ironically, there is the 1% I mentioned earlier, the globalists or Deep State (and off planet invaders, which I won’t get much into) who want something different. They want complete control and power. And they know they have a better chance of success if they divide us rather having us see them, the invisible enemy. In fact, it is their only chance, as we outnumber them greatly!

This 1% uses critical theory indoctrination, ‘wokeness’, cancel culture, political correctness to divide us, to create chaos, to have us at each others’ throats, anything but group together and hold these sociopaths responsible.

Deep State goals: Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was chosen by David Rockefeller to organize the Trilateral Commission, once said, “Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people, than to control a million people.”

Once you see, you cannot unsee. When you do the research, and connect the dots, it becomes painfully obvious that these Deep State plans run very deep indeed.

It becomes obvious that these maniacs want nothing less than complete control of the planet, to eliminate a large percentage of us, and enslavement of the rest, and will do absolutely anything to achieve their goals. And this is more easily obtained in the ways mentioned above and many others (Chem trails, GMOs, fluoride, etc.)

Again, if you research their words and writings, including the Georgia Guidestones, they admit they plan to eliminate, that is depopulate, at least 80% of the world’s population. They have openly declared this.

They also are using various programming techniques to achieve a one world government. Climate change is one of the key tools for this narrative. This topic is beyond the scope of this article, but I would just say this. Yes, of course there is climate change. Yes we need to move off of dirty energy. But the climate change and fossil fuel CO2 fear is being used to pressure opinion, finances and support for a New World Order, one world government. The clean, free energy is already here or being developed but is being suppressed by the very same people who say we need to move away from Fossil fuel and CO2.

Furthermore, of course humans contribute to climate change to some degree (the planet is apparently actually cooling not heating), and certainly pollution of the planet is a problem we must resolve, but climate change is indeed mostly due to natural cycles, not humans. We will solve this, but not the way the globalists want. We need the globalists out of the way, not paving the way towards a One World Government with false promises and drastic consequences.

The plan for global control is at least 100 years in the making. The planned dictatorship is not democratically elected but selected for this camouflaged tyranny. These technocrats will claim to rule under the guise of universal health, environmental concerns, and safety, on their version of science.

The Shift:  Finally, we return full circle to the the good news, the Shift. Countless ancient civilizations and prophecies told us of the potential for amazing awakening on Earth at this time. The Hindus talk about moving from now Iron Age, the Kali Yuga, to the Golden age, the age of truth.

Fear mongers warned of the end of the Mayan calendar, not mentioning that it was also a start of another calendar and a possibility for a beautiful new paradigm on Earth. We are in a very rare and real alignment in our galaxy, which is streaming high vibration, transformational energies onto our planet. Some say that solar flares are also bathing us with high frequency vibrations. This may sound very woo woo but it may be real, as many of our scientists agree.

There is a mass awakening on Earth accompanied by tremendous discomfort. Changes are often preceded by chaos. Have you noticed any changes? Are all these events coincidences: climate change, a pandemic, riots, election fights, and loss of freedoms? Is it possible there are globalists aligned with forces of darkness, whose goal is to derail this mass awakening? Are they threatened by our awakening?

This is exactly where we are on earth at this time. And believe it or not, the United States is a key piece of this puzzle. If the US. falls, the world may fall.

As for the election, I am convinced the Deep State did indeed steal the election with massive fraud. And I believe the good guys have the evidence and will reveal it clearly soon. The courts and politicians–both right and left–were too corrupt to look at it.

Too much focus went to Trump, but this is not about Donald Trump. This is not about Democrat and Republican, period. This is about good versus evil. This is about light revealing evil that has been hidden in the darkness for millennia–even under the guise of a false Luciferian light.

The Deep State and all the aspects of evil have their backs to the wall, and they are not going down without an “all assets deployed” fight. They have used, if not created, COVID, riots, and countless other tactics to achieve their goals. And it appears to include massive electoral fraud at the time of this writing. Their old tricks will no longer work, however, and they are running low on ideas and ammunition. But again, expect false flags galore.

Truth wins. Light wins. God wins. Perhaps this has already been decided. Nothing will stop this essential process. Nothing will stop this mass awakening. We will move into a new paradigm on Earth.