Let’s talk about the mind. Since we are celebrating Independence day this week, let’s talk about freedom from the mind, which very few of us experience. But first, what is the mind? It is hard to define, is it not? We often associate the mind with thinking, with the head and intellect, and this is a good starting point.

Let’s say there are three levels of the mind. The first level we know all too well. The first level of the mind is the mind that uses us. That is, the mind is in control. This is the most common level of the mind, especially in our western world. This mind is in control. It is always busy, thinking, planning, controlling. But it does more than that. It is also associated with incessant chatter, criticism–whether self or other. This is the basic voice in the head, a voice most of us are very familiar with. What most of us are not familiar with is when there is silence, no thoughts and voice in the head. We may get a taste of this for a moment, during a sunset, or smelling a flower, but for the most part, we are all living with constant noise coming from our own head, and this is the first level of the mind.

The second level of the mind is when, rather than the mind using us, we use the mind. This is when we unconsciously or consciously use the mind, say, to do our homework, or do our taxes, or figure something out. Ideally, there is some presence, that is, we know we are not our mind, we are aware that we are thinking, but we are still caught up in the world of the small mind, ego, and intellect to some degree. This too is very common.

The third stage of the mind is very rare, and few of us can relate to this one, at least yet. This level is no mind. Or what some say, we move from small mind to Big Mind, or Buddha Nature, or Christ Consciousness.

Now this level of mind scares us. We are so identified with the small mind, the egoic personality, and the thinking intellect, that it seems insane to say that ideally we make no use of the mind at all. we bypass it. For most of us, this seems like a silly or stupid idea, no mind, no intellect. We would be useless. How could someone survive without a mind??

No mind is the way of the masters, the saints and sages that have walked the Earth, and it will be the way of many of us in the near future. This is when the higher self, or Divine presence guides our every step. There is less and less need for planning and controlling. The big mind or essential nature guides us step by step by step through every moment. I have met many people who are awakening on Earth, and they all say the same thing. there is less and less planning and thinking and mind. There is more and more silence and flow to life.

Again, to the small mind and ego this is terrifying, giving up control. But there is a deeper intelligence within that knows how to guide us easily, lovingly and joyfully through all the paths and challenges of our life. We can access this more and more by seeking stillness and silence, by being in nature, by paying attention, and by practicing surrendering to this always present guide within.