The new leader speaks truth,

but may be silent,

watching, listening.


The new leader may not stand out,

but stand alongside.


The new power . . .

pushes and pulls less,

flows with life more,

less against than for.


The new leader may not always lead,

but follow the Tao, the way,

heart leading head,

the call of Spirit and Love.


The new leader controls and coerces less,

like water, patiently carves, connects.


Leadership in the New Earth is more being than doing,

but when action is called for,

a Divine doing, sacred activism,

that connects and integrates,

rather than conquers and divides.


The new leader joyfully surrenders to what is,

works less,

prays and plays more.


The new power brings peace to pain,

feels and faces,

accepting not judging,

embracing not resisting.

volunteer not victim,

grateful not resentful


The new power is about integrity, humility, presence,

covering or concealing nothing.


This leader–man or woman–

is balanced in masculine – feminine energies,

brings light to shadows,

a lighthouse for changing, challenging times,

revealing the way

to a New Earth.