I recall reading a book called Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan, and in this book humans were considered mutants, because we have wandered from the ancient way. Other native peoples have observed that most of humanity has lost its way. Let’s explore this.
In a way, without judgment, calling most of us mutants is quite accurate. We have forgotten who we are. We have disconnected from everything: the Earth, the spirit world, and each other, and we have disconnected from our own bodies, our feelings, our breath, and the wisdom of our heart. We have lost our way and disconnected from our very nature.
We are a frozen people, contracted, withdrawn, wounded. It is hard to sing or to dance or to even speak our truth. Due to our fear and defensiveness, we wall ourselves off, close the heart, and see enemies rather than other aspects of ourselves everywhere. This keeps us stuck in a frozen fight-flight energy mentality which is really only a half aliveness.
The consequences of being mutants is what we currently see: competition, depression, hating our work, inner war and outer war, environmental destruction, pain and suffering. I heard recently that we Americans use more prescription drugs than the rest of the world combined; it would not surprise me.
But as always, I am not only hopeful and optimistic, I am certain that this is all changing in a very beautiful direction. We are awakening, actually relatively quickly. Many ancient peoples know intuitively that the mutants are now at last ready to hear what they have to offer. They are coming forth to remind us of the ancient ways. They knew that a day would come when the cycle would change and the energy would shift to make it possible for humanity to open its mind enough to reach us.
The Kogi Mamo in Columbia are just one such group. The Kogi are descendants of the Mayans and they are some of the ancient wisdom keepers on the planet who have come forth to help us remember and stir our ancient memory. Countless other native and other wisdom keepers are now stepping forth in ceremony and ritual, knowing that the time of division and guarded knowledge is over.
At this time it is important to open ourselves fully. The loving universe is answering our prayers in countless ways. It is only our minds that limit how fast we can move, although we do have to respect how much this shift is affecting our bodies.
Each of us has to determine how much of our old “story” we can let go of and then move forward to produce a new paradigm, write a new, uplifting and inclusive story. We do not have to write the ending, but just keep choosing love in every word of this beautiful new tale. We are the co-authors and co-creators