I often urge us to discern and decide less from the head and more from the heart. Or at least include the right side of our brain in the decision making process. Like the heart, the right brain has more to do with intuition, feeling and unity consciousness, whereas the right brain is more about strict logic and separation.

With all the talk of gun control right now, we can get polarized and confused. We need to think it over carefully, but mostly we need to access the clarity of the heart.  Going to the heart is like asking a child, who does not have the baggage we adults carry.  Ask a child, Do you think we are more or less safe with millions of guns at our disposal?  Do you think that we can make it more safe by adding guns or adding restrictions on guns, in other words, less guns? The child would not have to agonize over this decision.  Obviously, only a severely scared or programmed person would argue that more weapons makes us all safer.

With its fearful focus on freedom, the US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world, with nearly a weapon for every one of its 300 million people at its disposal. Among the 23 supposedly most “advanced” nations, the US has by far the most gun violence, with over 5,000 children killed in 2005 by gunshots, compared with 57 killed in Germany and none in Japan, where these is strict gun control.

Fearful, misleading people believe that owning a gun makes one safer.  The stats disagree, with research showing that a gun in a household is 12 times more likely to be used to shoot a household member or guest than an intruder.   Another study showed that gun ownership triples the risk of homicide in that home, and doubles the risk of suicide.

It is hard to say if the NRA is just ignorant or money hungry, but their warnings are heeded by a paranoid, fearful and mistrustful population. NRA warnings has resulted in huge increases in sales of assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, armor piercing bullets, and other weaponry since the Connecticut shooting.  Some paranoid folks are even claiming that the Obama government even staged or faked the Newtown shooting as an excuse to enact gun control. This is the danger of living in the delusional head and mind.

Again, gun control will not be the complete solution. Violent video games must be looked at carefully, and all angles must be evaluated. Again, those who argue for freedom, less government and less control–unless of course the governments serves their own narrow interests–must realize that the current state of consciousness is low, and therefore we need an elected government to help keep us safe from ourselves or those of us who are lost in delusion, which in truth can be any of us on any given day.

As good as people are, in their heart of hearts, we cannot yet count on the private and corporate world to support us when there is tragedy or environmental disaster. We need a government by and for the people, at least until we outgrow it with an expanded consciousness, which may in fact be closer to reality than it has ever been.