Welcome to the dawn of a new world age! We are presently moving out of what the Hindus call the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age. This world age is characterized by duality consciousness, feelings of separation, individualism, competition, win-lose, and war.

As we move through and beyond 2012, some feel we are moving into the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age. This new world age (a world age is several thousand years) is characterized by oneness consciousness, unity, cooperation, win-win, and peace. This does not happen overnight of course, but is currently underway and accelerating rapidly, thank God!

Furthermore, we go from the most dense and destructive of times towards the highest energy!  It is darkest before the dawn. What a relief it is to understand that life is cyclical and that we are moving towards a “place” in the galaxy where there is more light and energetic possibilities to help us create a paradise on earth. The forces of darkness do not want us to believe that we can create heaven on earth, but if not here, where? Those lost in darkness are currently doing everything they can to keep us ignorant and afraid, but they will fail.

Watch for obvious signs of this very soon. One of the characteristics of this Golden Age is a move away from secrecy to transparency. With ever more light, there are fewer dark places to hide. Just ask Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Yoga teacher John Friend and others whose secret lives have been revealed. And there are grander secrets coming to light: the Catholic Church scandals, Abu Ghraib (and countless other disasters of war), and Wiki Leak revelations, for example. Again, look for much bigger fish to be caught very soon. People, institutions and organizations that were previously untouchable will be brought to light and justice.

Lastly, this is about oneness, so it is not us versus them. We all have our dark and shadowy sides. Some of us will more quickly realize, first, that we cannot hide our stuff, and secondly, we don’t want to! The Divine sees and knows all, so we were only fooling ourselves anyway. We may not step completely out of duality, but look for ever more seeds of light and love being planted. Fear not. Though there are bumps at the end of every world age, it is all good. The energy is ripe for revelation and awakening, and this is what we have waited for and prayed for and longed for. Celebrate and assist the shift by turning up your internal dimmer switch from dark to light, resentment to gratitude, and fear to joy!