You cannot fail; did you know that? Would it not relieve some of the stress, fear and pressure if we all knew that we cannot fail.


Oh sure, there is relative failure. Maybe you go to bat trying to hit a home run and strike out. One could label this a failure. Or you ask for a raise and your boss denies you the raise. Again, this could be perceived this as a failure.


But who is perceiving? And do you want to look at the small picture–what some call illusion–or the big picture–what some call reality?


As always, I try not to lose myself in the small picture, even though we do have to function in this world, and home runs and raises are nice! But in the big big picture, let’s look at it this way. You are a spark of Divine Spirit. You are everlasting love, bravely having a human experience, which is not easy right? You are courageous!


In the spirit world, it’s maybe not quite as brave, because at the time we decide to come to Earth and take on another body, we have the big picture. We know that, although our body and psyche can suffer and go through tremendous pain as a human being, our true self cannot be touched, harmed or hurt. This is good to know!


Maybe it’s like this, someone asks you to go 3 rounds with the best boxer or cage fighter on the planet. Stupid idea right? But what if you knew it was all about having the experience, and that you will wake up later just as healthy and whole and sound as ever, but also with the experience of having entered the ring in what seemed to be a very stupid decision?


You cannot fail. Even without the raise and without the homer or without lasting 10 seconds in the boxing match, the big you cannot fail. Only in human eyes and perceptions can one be seen as a failure. No matter how many times you hit the floor, you, we all rise again, as Jesus did from the tomb. That was his message, not being helpless to death, although perhaps he was also showing that as humans, there will always be some suffering and pain, but not to get too caught up in worrying about it. In fact, we signed up for the whole range of human emotions and experiences, kinda like a Disneyland ride, although we often forget that first of all, it is an adventure, and second of all, we volunteered to take the ride.


So jump fully into the adventure. Go for the home run or ask for the raise or whatever your heart calls you to do. Never live in fear of failure or what others will think of you. As they say, what others think of you is none of your business. Who cares what others say? Who cares if we win or lose in human eyes. What matters is that we each do what we are called to do. You cannot lose, and the everlasting land of Love and Spirit awaits each and every one of us.