A friend asked me recently why all the movies and TV programs he has seen seem to focus very negatively on the state of the Earth, particularly around the 2012 shift and global warming. Let me offer some ideas on this.

First, as we all know, if it bleeds it leads. Drama and pain and violence and negativity sell, as we can see in nearly all forms of media, including TV and movies.

Author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle refers to the collective pain body, or the collective consciousness of pain endured by humanity over the centuries. This “pain body” seeks out drama, in fact feeds on it. This applies to the individual as well. We seem to feed off of pain and drama, a very interesting phenomena.

Another big reason for the focus on doomsday is that there are certain people on the planet who have benefited from keeping the masses ignorant and afraid. I know this sounds conspiratorial, but it is pretty simple. Those with access to the big money and guns and politics and media know very well that keeping people afraid and disempowered makes them easier to control and profit from.

The third reason is that there have been two paths of prophesies. The predictions and prophecies that have gotten most of the attention are not the most valid. They are the ones that get the ink and the headlines, the doomsday and apocalypse predictions.

The other set of prophecies are more indigenous. They knew that we had a choice point, a window of opportunity or opening at this time of earth, sometimes called the precession of the equinoxes, which is a very real and rare occurrence that happens every 26,000 years or so. It is an alignment of the Earth with the middle of the galaxy which culminated in 2012, but started about 18 years prior to 2012 and will last about 18 years after 2012, or another 16 or so years from now.

This alignment, the ancients knew, would result in a heightened consciousness that had a chance of awakening humanity. And by all trustworthy accounts, this is indeed happening. We have apparently passed the marker, the point where we would have destroyed ourselves. As you may have noticed, the doomsday predictions did not happen. We are still here. We got past the Y2K fears, and then we passed 2012 and the last time I checked we were still here.

So, again, there were two possibilities, and there was indeed a big chance we could have destroyed ourselves these past 12 years or so. We did not and will not. Humanity is awakening at unprecedented rates, and soon it will be undeniable, and the doomsday folks will have to face reality. Furthermore, people will soon be shifted so much they will not put up with terror and fear and negativity in the media and we will soon be demanding and supporting positive news channels and politicians and media. Just watch.