Here is a question:  is there evil in the world? If so, how do we handle it? What do we do with it? Is it evil out there somewhere, or do we all have a touch of (d)evil within us?
I have been sharing in my writings and teachings of life about some of the evil I see in the world. Some people asked me to stop talking about it. Some ask me to be more positive and less negative.
So, I am wondering if we are mistaking truth for negativity. Truth can be upsetting, but can we also see truth as love?
Let me ask you a question. If you have evidence that someone plans to hurt a good friend of yours, would you tell your friend? I think most of us would. So is that being negative? Is there a positive way to warn your friend?
What I am getting out here is that there is evil on this planet, and it is acting out right now on earth in a big way. Evil is desperate, and it has its back to the wall for the first time perhaps ever. And right now it–or they–are using all resources available to control intimidate, and really to enslaved humanity, if we are to be honest.
So how do we talk about this in a positive uplifting way? I don’t know him. I struggle. I like to be positive. But my heart says we need to talk about these things, even as many people become very upset. And they often attack the messenger.
It can be seen as ironic for someone to become very upset and attack the messenger, accusing the messenger of being negative, when we are calmly trying to warn people about their potential enslavement. Often people like me are accused of being crazy conspiracy theorist. We are judged and seen as stupid.
But please consider that we are doing deep investigation out of love. We care. Truth is important to us. People are important to us. We do not get paid for our hours and hours investigating beyond the mainstream. And we often get attacked and judged. And I have even lost some clients because I speak my truth, here in the supposedly land of the free.
Who is this evil? I will not go into details here, but this evil has deet roots and long tentacles, reaching into the political, economic, health, pharmaceutical, media and countless other realms. It is causing riots and manipulating this pandemic. To me, it is getting so desperate they are becoming very visible, for those with eyes to see.
So yes there is evil active in our world. Jesus said “Do not take part unfruitful acts of darkness, but expose them.” So this is my motto to motivate me in speaking truth, and pointing out the evil. I do my best to not fall into the same darkness I am pointing out. Because it is true that we need to bring the energy vibration on this planet up at this crucial and transitional time. This is a tender time and none of us are handling it perfectly. Let us love each other and speak truth to the best of our hearts ability.