First, let me be clear, in the deepest sense, or in reality, there are no victims, and actually, there is no death. I’ll address the death part next week, but regarding victimization, of course, in this world of drama and illusion, we have plenty of appearances of victim hood. And believe me, I have played the victim many times in this life. I’ve been spanked, robbed, assaulted, abused, attacked, run over, had cars stolen and many other apparent injustices.

If we are not careful, these situations will define us as a victim, and lead to a fearful attitude towards life, and guess what, we attract energetically what we fear. We all know people who are on high alert, have alarm systems around their home, have locks everywhere, maybe live in a gated community, and still, somehow find a way to be assaulted or robbed. It is because they are putting fear out into the world, and attracting what they fear.

But here is the truth, at least as I see it: there truly are no victims, only volunteers. Back home in the spirit world, we make agreements with others spirits before we come here to Earth. As spiritual, pure loving beings, we decide that it would be fun to come down here and experience what we are not, so each life we may decide to try to experience something like say, mistrust, or resentment, or blame, or the other side, being a perpetrator or yes, even a murderer. Like a well designed play or movie, we all have our parts, depending on what we choose to experience, or what karma we wish to clear up, this lifetime.

When my car was stolen one time, the police officer asked me if I was the victim. I said, it was my car stolen, but I am not a victim. She looked confused and repeated, Are you the victim? I said again, my car was stolen, but I am not a victim. She repeated, Then you are the victim.

Why did I make a big deal out of this? Because we must watch our language and how we see ourselves and this world. Try it yourself: say, I am a victim, and see how it feels. Then try, I create my reality. I am responsible for my life and I am not a victim. And see how that feels. To me, it not only feels good, but it actually feels very true. It is true.

Like everything I say in these commentaries, throw it out if it does not resonate. But I suggest trying it on, sit with it. Consider this idea that we in fact create our entire reality. Here is a quote from a book called, The Great Human Potential: You are creating and generating 100% of your reality 100% of the time. Not just SOME times. At ALL times, at ALL levels

So again, even if you do not agree with this, consider how much energy we spend defending ourselves, playing the victim, suing people in court, being sued, blaming or holding on to resentment. We have created a society of victims and perpetrators, and playing this game is not a lot of fun.

So, let us uncreate it. Anything we create we can uncreate. Are you tired of playing the victim? Then don’t do it anymore. Power up and decide you create your own reality, and watch what happens. Life will be a lot more fun!