The Truth–and real science–about Masks:

  • Masks don’t work on Airborne Viruses: Unless the mask is a professionally and personally form fitted N95 or N100, it does not work with a virus.
  • Masks cause Hypoxia: Oxygen deprivation is a dangerous by product of wearing a mask, even for a short time.
  • Masks cause Hypercapnia: Again, even short-term mask wearing causes dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood.
  • “Good” Masks are also Bad: The well-fitted mask might help a tad (science is unclear), but is worse in regards to both hypoxia and hypercapnia.
  • Masks Weaken the Immune System: Science shows that we become even more susceptible to COVID and other diseases.
  • Mask Mandates are Illegal: I know, most people are wearing masks and following mandates, doing our best to help. But they are still illegal & unconstitutional.
  • Mask Wearing has Social Consequences. It is impossible to measure, but all of us– especially children–are missing facial cues, hindering social intelligence, while covering our beautiful smiles. We tend to fear each other more than connect.
  • Masks cause Misunderstanding: Especially for those who are hard of hearing, and need to see the lips, there are countless misunderstandings, with confusion and sometimes serious results.
  • Masks are an Environmental Disaster: Billions of germ-infested, bacteria-laden masks are filling our lands and oceans.
  • Masks are not about Health: Let’s be honest; in truth, none of the COVID protocols (lockdown, vaccines, etc.) are truly about health. They are about power, control and subservience, and are therefore a dangerous step in taking away hard-earned freedoms that are not given back.
  • “Universal masking increases the risk of spreading the infection.”

Judy A. Mikovitz

  • A mask “offers little, if any, protection from infection.”

New England Journal of Medicine

  • “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell