SOS: Survival Overdrive Syndrome

It seems like every week we come up with a new disease or illness, such is the nature of our world. Often it is the pharmaceutical companies wanting to invent a disease and then sell us the cure, a drug of course. They rarely point out the free, natural remedies that Mother Nature so generously and continuously offers.

But here is a new term for a very common disease that most of us can relate to: SOS, or Survival Overdrive Syndrome. This term was recently coined by a very wise Doctor, Aviva Romm, who is not trying to sell us any drugs or anything else, although she does offer some tips for reducing this toxic burden of fast paced, fear based living.

SOS is basically living in stressful survival mode. Another more common name for this is living In the sympathetic nervous system. As you know, the sympathetic nervous system is very much a natural, essential system for alerting the person that we need to pay attention, danger may be lurking. Indeed, we have created a world where there is often real risk a and even ongoing threats.

However, the sympathetic nervous system is a short term solution that has turned into this overdrive survival mode. I would argue that the powers that used to be have effectively used fear to keep us on edge. You see, when we are in fear and on edge, we are not very wise. Wisdom arises from peace, from a quiet mind, a calm countenance. True intelligence cannot come from a stressed out, ungrounded, fearful mind.

We are built to live the vast majority of our lives in the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxed, healing, digesting, resting, at ease. Somehow, we got convinced that we are more safe and effective if we are running around like terrified sheep. So many of us are simply running fast and furious through our lives, with not enough time to rest and ponder, is this really what life is supposed to be about? Just chasing enough money and watching life pass us by?

So, what to do? Slow down. That is a very good start. Question everything. Pay attention. What makes you truly happy and excited. Do that, and do less of whatever does not satisfy you. Be a rogue, a rebel who dares create a new paradigm of ease and trust and accepting. Each of us can practice breaking the old way of push and force and fight and seeing enemies everywhere.

Start now, with one deep, easy breath, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Look around you. Are there any tigers or enemies lurking? Forgive yourself for buying into the common belief system that you are in constant danger and no one can be trusted. One of the most subversive things we can do is simply relax and slow down. Live life with an open heart, and watch the world change with you.