Today let’s get conspiratorial. Have you heard the story of two bulls being led to the slaughter house, when one of them suddenly stops, and turns to the other and says, “Hey, I just had an intuitive insight. They are going to make hot dogs out of us.” The other bull rolls his eyes and says, “There you go with another wild, left wing conspiracy theory.”

Yes, conspiracies happen, although frankly, it bores me to talk about them. More refreshing would be to consider how we might respond to certain upcoming potential changes. Let’s put the conspiracies aside and play with a few questions:

First, how would you respond if you suddenly found out that we now have all the technology—both scientific and energetic or spiritual—to completely clean up not only all our energy sources but the environment, right now? That would be nice no?

Then, how would you feel if you heard that this same technology has already been available but hidden, utilized by a small segment of our population, but hidden from public use to maximize power, control and profits? Now, we might have another reaction to this possibility no?

Let’s go further. What if you heard that this same small segment of our population, call it the Secret or shadow Government, Cabal, Illuminati, whatever you wish, has been effectively programing, controlling and—like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, running the show for quite some time.

Now, while we are getting weird and woo woo, let’s go all out. Did you know that in 2010 the UN assigned an official ambassador for Extraterrestrials? What if it was revealed that this shadow government group has been hiding info about the many different ET groups we have not only discovered but been actively communicating with and even working with, that some of these beings are quite benevolent trying to support our shift on Earth, while others are quite insidious and have been working with the secret government to keep us asleep?

Which brings us to this topic called disclosure. Disclosure has been discussed for decades by those who wish to bring the truth to the masses. Let me go out on a limb with a prediction: disclosure is imminent. In fact, it is happening, albeit piecemeal and in a very controlled pace.  I have often spoken here on KSER about the shift and how there is so much more “light” so to speak, or transparency, certainly assisted by technology such as the internet. So all will be revealed, you can count on that, secret government, ETs –all of it.

But it is not all or nothing. What I am hearing and what makes more sense is that a bit will be revealed at a time. You see, there are many of us working beyond the scenes to pressure the dark forces to come clean. They sense their time is up, that they cannot hide anymore.

But, returning to the questions I asked you earlier, how would you respond if you heard about the insidious things these dark forces have been doing, which goes far beyond hiding advanced technology? We might be infuriated to the point of violence and seeking revenge no?

“Don’t cease seeking until you find.  When you find you will be troubled. When you’re troubled, you will marvel.  And when you marvel, you will reign over all.”  Jesus, Gospel according to Mark

So, in the months or years ahead, look for a step by step process of revealing ever more truth. The battle will continue of course, but little by little, we will be returning power to the people. When we claim that power, it is essential that we do not utilize it the same way it has been used against us for centuries, power over. And we have to start by finding a way to hold the bad boys responsible without excess punishment and revenge, as that is the old way we need to move away from. We must practice what we preach and create a new way of the heart. So, I will leave you with these ideas to ponder, or discard, as you wish.