Over the next couple blogs, I would like to address a topic that is vitally important, especially at this time of Shift on Earth, where anything out of alignment with truth causes tremendous incoherence and suffering.

So What is truth?  In truth, few us are living our truth, or even know what truth is. Due to fear, imperfect role models, and social programing, we often lie without even knowing it. We wear masks or facades. We put up with jobs we hate. We settle for half aliveness. We do not know who we really are, and we distract from the life that is waiting for us to live. As children, our parents may have said they were “fine” or “happy” even when we could see they were angry or troubled. We see the world hiding from truth, and we often learn to do the same.

The Sanskrit word ‘sat’ translates as ‘true essence’ or ‘that which is unchangeable”. There are other Sanskrit words that include the prefix ‘sat’ such as ‘satsang’ meaning ‘true company’ or my definition: ‘seekers and speakers of truth’.  Those of us who are fortunate to have a satsang or truth community can attest to its value in our lives.

Mahatma Gandhi combined Ahimsa and Satya in his beautiful work uniting India. He used the word Satyagraha, literally meaning “holding onto truth” or “soul force”. We are presently moving into a new paradigm, where satyagraha is essential.

Sat Yuga / the Age of Truth:  Some say we are presently exiting the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, the age of the greatest density and forgetfulness of who we are, ignorance of our true nature. It has been an age of untruth, of war, violence, fear and competition. Some say that we now moving into the Sat Yuga, the Age of Truth, or Golden Age.

The Siberian sage Anastacia said, “Lies and falsehoods cannot survive for any length of time. They are exposed by the soul.” Certainly, this is being played out in our world right now, and I have spoken about this often here on KSER. The shift we are experiencing is thinning the veil, so to speak; there is more “light”, more transparency, and it is getting near impossible to hide anything.

Technology such as the internet also helps reveal things very quickly: the Catholic Church abuses, Wikileaks, the Volkswagen emission fraud, Wells Fargo deception, and a parade of other scandals with countless politicians, movie stars and other public figures.

But we must focus primarily on weeding out our own inner shadows and deceptions, and face ourselves, be our self. As my teacher in India, Sri Bhagavan would often say, “the fastest way to awaken is to be who you are.” He emphasized that inner truth is the most important: not fooling ourselves, not denying what we are truly seeing or feeling within ourselves.

My Truth be Told

Last week, I spoke about truth, and how we are moving into an age or truth, sometimes called the Sat Yuga, where it will become increasingly difficult and uncomfortable to live in anything but our highest truth. If we step away from truth, we will suffer, and cause suffering around us.

As for myself, allow me to share my own personal quest for truth. Actually, for most of my life, I had no idea who I really was or how to be true to myself. When at age 40 I fell into a deep mid-life depression, as well as an eating disorder, I came to realize that I had no clue who I really was. I learned that to be safe I should wear lots of masks, trying to be whoever I felt people wanted or would approve of.

I painfully recall one humbling but helpful moment. I was studying at a psychic studies center, and talking with one of the other participants who was quite aware. I was wearing a forced smile, as I tended to do, hiding my internal pain and, quite honestly, self-hate. She looked right through my mask and said, “Doesn’t it hurt to hold your face like that?” I felt like I was punched in the gut. It took me some time to feel gratitude for hearing truth and being seen.

More on truth in next month’s blog …..