Today’s topic is not at all pleasant, but important. Let’s look at root canals. 

Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with root canals, either by having to endure one or more, or hearing about them. A root canal is basically a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is decayed or becomes infected, beyond simply cleaning and filling like with most cavities. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Now, I am not saying what I am about to say to cause fear or upset anyone, including the dentists who perform this procedure. There is enough fear in our world. But the truth sets us free, and what I am about to say is the best truth that I can access. But always keep in mind, I could be wrong.

Let me tell my own story. I was at a gathering of holistic healers, and a couple folks who have studied natural health and dentistry stated very strong opinions that virtually all root canals result in infection. They cited numerous studies, some by the late, renowned natural health expert Weston Price, that show that it is nearly impossible to truly clean all the tiny nerve pathways and other areas. They said that the only thing to do with a tooth that is that badly infected, is to extract the tooth, and if necessary, put in a non-metal implant.

I had had two root canals, and of course two crowns, on the same tooth, and it never felt right. Not only did it cost the usual $800 or so for the root canal, but also about $1,000 each for the crown. Since the first procedure did not work, we did it twice, costing close to $4,000 for two procedures, same tooth. And aside from being expensive, of course this was very traumatic.

Intuitively, what these friends of mine said felt correct. I did more research, and decided to get some basic bitewing x rays, which were inconclusive. But I then did some fancier panoramic x rays, and this time it showed that my tooth which endured two root canals, was still clearly quite infected, many years after the procedures. My dentist told me that bite-wing x rays often do not see these lingering infections after root canals.

The dentist I visited was a natural or holistic oriented dentist, not radical, but was strongly in favor or extracting this tooth, once and for all, which we did. Fortunately, I have a partial that was able to fit a new tooth to fill the vacant space for only a couple hundred dollars, which is much more affordable and less invasive than an implant. Of course, depending on the tooth, one could choose to leave an empty spot.

Here is the key: The argument goes that the infection from faulty root canals leaks out through the meridians and nerve pathways to affect other areas of the body, and this can be very serious stuff. I have had some mysterious ailments, some of which are clearing up since the tooth was extracted and the tissue disinfected. I am feeling so much better.

Faulty root canal procedures, by the way, are not necessarily the fault of the dentist. Some argue that they are simply nearly impossible to do right, although there may be some outstanding and thorough dentists who can do it right.  I do not know.

All I want to say today is, if you have had root canals, and if you have any sense that there still may be infection—especially if you have other mysterious ailments or pains arising, by all means do some research and perhaps find a holistic oriented dentist, sometimes called biological dentistry, who do not use amalgam and mercury, and ideally no metal at all, and get proper x rays. By the way, about 15 years ago, I also had all my amalgam fillings removed, and filled with composite fillings, and the depression I had been struggling with began to dissipate. I cannot say for sure if it was related, but without being paranoid, it is smart to give our bodies the best fighting chance to detox and stay healthy and strong.