I’ve been traveling, and procrastinating talking about the election until I could get some space, clear my mind, and now it’s time to weigh in with this commentary. First, I was wrong. Like many of us, if someone told me a year ago that our next President would be Donald Trump, I would have laughed. Well, I refuse to stop laughing, but I do feel a bit in shock and awe.

For the most part, I have no idea what is going on, but that has not stopped me from making comments before, so let me share some thoughts, or at least possibilities about what is going on.

First, I was pretty excited about Bernie, but it was not his time. I was not excited about Trump or Hilary. I often talk about the Shift on Earth, and an increase of feminine energy and women in power. Am I wrong? How did the woman, Hilary lose, and the man, an arguably or perhaps even obviously sexist and racist man, win?  I was wrong about the election, as Trump did win. But rest assured, the Shift is happening, and it is much bigger than one man, one woman, or one office, even the President of the US.

Am I concerned about Trump and the people he is picking in his administration? Absolutely. Will I lose myself and my center? No. We have survived many things, and will survive this.

This victory by Donald Trump has many reasons. One is that the Republican party has played some dirty tricks, including demonizing Hilary Clinton, bringing tremendous attention to her every activity, and of course the last minute focus on her emails. But also the Republican party has managed to pull off tons of gerrymandering and other dirty tricks, and closing hundreds of polling stations before election day, including over 400 closures in Texas alone. And of course using voter fraud excuses to increase voter ID laws. They have made it hard for working class voters to simply vote.

Another reason Hilary lost might be the fear and mistrust of the feminine, as I have mentioned in the past. But I now see this as less of a reason than the overall mistrust of Hillary herself. She has tons of experience of course, but that very experience makes her part of the old ball game that so many are tired of.

One thing with Trump, for better or worse, the status quo will change. Again, it might not be what people hope for, but change things he will. I just hope Trump does not change the game by destroying the playing field, in this case our country or the world!

And ….. conspiracy alert! I am hearing some other rumors from insiders who say that Hilary is more aligned with the Cabal or Secret government, and would continue the same old ball game, withholding disclosure of the behind the scenes activities. And Trump might fight back against it. Interesting thought, but who knows?

But let’s zoom in on the big picture, a spiritual perspective from a wider lens.

The big thing is this. As I have mentioned many times, the energy on Earth is shifting, and people are feeling this. There is more light, or higher, more conscious energy, and people are in transition, sick, tired and confused, and are starting to see that the old way does not work. We are in fact insisting on moving out of the old way.

We sense the shift that is going on, and ironically, as unconscious as Trump is, he represents a change from the old ball game. He will be a very different President, one who has not served in the military, has no political experience, and clearly wants to change things. Choosing Trump, for better or worse, will definitely shake things up. It will bring things right to the surface. The house of cards must eventually come down if we are going to recreate this world, and Trump might just bring it crashing down, one way or another.

This is not just a US vote. Spiritually, humanity voted for change. Hillary represented the old way, slow change, or no change, staying stuck. Trump is the fast track, again perhaps by crashing the whole, old system to the ground.

The other key is this. Like all humans, both Trump and Hillary have substantial shadows, that is, wounded, socially unacceptable parts that most of us hide away. Guess what? Trump’s shadow is a bit more visible or authentic. Hillary’s is more hidden. Everyone can see that Trump is wounded, racist and sexist, loves money, and has a huge ego. That’s no secret. But as unconscious as he is, people are so demanding of authenticity that they were willing to vote for the more open shadow, as crazy as that sounds.

Another side of this is this. We get what we are, or what we deserve. Trump was mirroring our own shadows, he is our projection, which is an opportunity to see and accept and heal our own wounded parts. The key is not getting lost in the projection, which many of us did, from both ends. We either loved Trump as our hero, or hated him and denied our own unconscious and wounded traits. In both cases, we got what we fed with our energy: Trump and his ego.

Lastly, this is a time to find our center, hold the light, and help tear down the old way and rebuild the new way. We may hit some huge dismantling over the next four years. If we lose our center and go into fear and separation, we lose. It’s that simple. Or at least we delay the shift. Just as with Adolph Hitler, this is not about one man. They are just the scapegoat and projection. They are helping us see our own inhumanity, our own smallness, what has to change.

Be a lighthouse. Keep shining bright and loving strong regardless of what you see around you. Take responsibility for your own wounds, and heal. Your true self is bigger than all of it. You are sovereign. There are much bigger and infinitely more beautiful things to focus on and co-create. Like the Wizard of Oz and the small man behind the curtain, if we distract ourselves from the reality behind the illusion, we will miss the chance to help create a world we truly wish to live in. Nothing can stop us if we wake up and remember who we are and exhibit the power of an awakened, conscious and enlightened people.