Today, I’d like to invite us all to not give up. Never give up hope. Do you realize how much is changing before our eyes, right this moment? Beyond the headlines, do you see how much is shifting, how awareness is growing, how compassion is growing, how people are feeling less and less competitive and isolated and more and more connected and compassionate?

We have been in such old patterns of helplessness and hopelessness and disempowerment that we can easily lose hope. We can become convinced that nothing will change—which is ironic since everything is indeed changing in every moment. Change is inevitable, and the amount of positive change would surprise us.

Again, we have been conditioned into fearing and worrying and giving up on life, believing that what has been with always be, that the elites will continue to rule the world, that many of us will always go hungry or go without shelter and access to water an healthcare and basic necessities. This is not true.

The yogi Sadhguru says, “A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits.” We are witnessing some of the most positive shifts this planet has ever seen, and this is not an exaggeration. Old energies are crumbling before our eyes, and we only have to take a deep breath and be willing to look, to be willing to allow a trace of hope.

When we bravely bypass fear and breathe in hope, when we courageously yet pragmatically look pass the headlines and see the good and invite a childlike innocence and openness and awe, then we create the very things we secretly hope for. The purveyors of fear and doom and gloom are dissipating right before our eyes in the cloud of this new energy which is upon us, as prophesied, and less esoterically speaking, is right before our eyes. Even science is acknowledging changes in DNA and intelligence levels and lowering levels of violence acceptance of war, and heightened levels of compassion, calls for peace and gun control and sense of connection.

Do not get lost in the gathering of information, not just in the fear based drama mainstream news, but even in our progressive news sources, which, as important as they are to balance out the war mongering on the other side, are in some ways the other side of the dysfunctional coin. We need the courage to turn the coin on its edge, to see beyond polarity. Do not accept the projections of fear and terror as truth; we do not have to create them; we can deflate them.

On the other hand, information can be helpful and hopeful. I hesitate to suggestion anything outside our own heart, which is most important, but I will suggest one source of information that I have found uplifting, and that is Gaia TV. I have found countless sources of clear and articulate information on the subjects I am discussing here, on shift and disclosure and the big picture. If it calls you, you can check out Again, most important is to access our own truth, but it can be helpful to hear optimistic projections from whistleblowers and wisdom keepers.

Be bold. Dare to access your heart and ask if what I am saying is not true. The mind is still a bit caught up in the drama, but the heart intuits the changes of which I speak.

Do not underestimate your intentions and hopes, which echo and ripple out into the hearts of others who are receiving these energies of hope and help them shift patterns. There are more brave creators of change in places of power than we have been taught. Yes, even in the middle of government, in the military, in corporate headquarters, there are light bulbs going on, and soon the numbers will be enough to tilt the old paradigm over from extreme duality, competition and fear to unity consciousness hope and peace on Earth.