Today I like to offer a couple pieces of advice around the topic we don’t like to talk much about, cancer. Last week a very good friend of mine died of cancer, and I am sure that most of you know someone who has died from cancer. Unfortunately, many of us are faced with some very difficult news that either we or a loved one has cancer. What I’d like to suggest is that when we receive this announcement it is time for a pause–especially if we are the one with the cancer. Naturally there is often fear and confusion that comes up when we get this announcement. It is never easy news.

Unfortunately, we often receive this news via the mainstream medical model. Certainly, we can be thankful for the clarity, But often we get directed or even railroaded down the mainstream medical model, which may not be best for everyone. I know this sounds harsh but it is sometimes called the slash and burn method for dealing with cancer. Basically, drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and / or radiation. And this may be the best for some people.

We must remember that the cancer did not happen overnight. We do not have to make decisions when we are afraid and confused. We can pause, we can gather ourselves, we can talk with love ones, and we can gather information, especially outside the mainstream model. I am often sad when friends of mine receive the cancer news and fearfully rush right into chemotherapy or radiation and other treatments that might not be optimal, ignoring my suggestion that they speak to a good naturopath which can at least support their choice and maybe even have important options.

It is my understanding that our bodies naturally have some cancer cells. Why do these grow into a dangerous cancer in some people but not others? I’m sure there are many factors, genetic is only part of it. External environment is certainly a big one. We are wise to look upstream and learn to take care of our planet and our own body so the odds of staying healthy are improved.

On that note, let’s talk nutrition for a moment. Cancer seems to thrive in a toxic body, and sugar seems to be one its greatest friends. Cancer thrives on sugar, so there is one thing we can work on, whether we have cancer right now or not, cut out the sugar load and eat whole, natural, healthy, organic foods. Every year the average American eats about 150 pounds of sugar as well as 150 pounds of flour, which basically turns into sugar. And we need to get enough Vitamins C and D. And healthy fats are essential, as many of us eat way too much processed fats and oils rather than essential, healthy non-hydrogenated oils. This is key for cell and cell membrane health. Turmeric and Curcumin are also helpful part of an anti-cancer diet.

I also recommend yoga and meditation to keep the stress down and keep the mind positive and focused on health and well-being. We need to focus more on health rather than fighting against cancer or anything else. Clear the fear. There are also specific places to go, like the Gerson Institute, and protocols, like the Budwig Protocol, which you can look up.

And watch the home environment. We need to lower our toxic exposure. Use natural building products and personal care and cleaning products.

Lewis Thomas said “The great secret of doctors…still hidden from the public, is that most things get better by themselves”.   Now I know most of us are thinking, certainly not with cancer! Well, maybe even with cancer. If we do some of the things I mentioned, or what ancient wisdom cultures did naturally, give the body a fighting chance, and many cancers can be reversed.

Cancer is never fun news to receive, but there are many options, and sometimes it is important to follow other more natural options before or instead of the mainstream chemotherapy and radiation which add another whole range of stress to the body. May you all be happy, healthy, healed and whole.