Have you ever had a boss who you also consider a friend?

Hopefully we–who have bosses–are both friend and boss.

Some people, such as therapists, have clear boundaries. They cannot get too close, or socialize with clients. There are varied opinions, but this is probably the most widespread “professional” advice.

As a yoga teacher, I have befriended countless “students”. I drew the line with regards to dating students, which I felt somehow inappropriate (although I presently am not convinced this is necessarily a deal breaker). But I digress.

Back to your boss. Have you ever had a boss you could totally be yourself with? You could confide with this person, again, like a friend. You can tell them an appropriate joke, share a story. You could offer feedback. Perhaps you have socialized with this person, maybe even been invited to family events.

But your boss is still your boss. He or she is the person who has some authority, some clout. In the end, you kinda gotta do what they say, or you won’t be their employee–and probably friend–much longer!

Hopefully, this boss has some wisdom and experience. They have been around the block. They may even have a bird’s eye view, seeing things you or other employees do not. The care, not just about the bottom line, but about you, the other employees, the big picture.

Here is what I am getting at. God is both friend and boss. (I know, some of us have a reaction to the “God” word (I did for decades). So please either change the word to “Universe” or “Source” or “Great Spirit” or something you can handle. And if that does not work, then at least consider that there is a loving presence accompanying you always.)

Yes, this boss is a friend you can count on. You can share anything and everything you are feeling and experiencing. You can shout your pain and anger. You can shout your thanks and praise.

This friend is the ultimate friend, available and on call 24/7. Full of patience. Great listener. Great at giving advice. There is nothing you can do to lose the love and support of this friend. You can get mad at Him (not really He or Her, but there is enough ridiculouslness over pronouns). you can run away for a few days or decades, and He will still be there, guaranteed.

But this beloved friend is still the boss. This is a mighty, all-powerful, invincible, all-seeing master of the Universe. He created the universe! That’s why countless people in scripture say to “fear God”.

What they mean by fearing God is giving this awesome God due respect. It is not a good idea to defy this friend and boss. Understand the omnipotence of this friend and boss. Listen to God. Love God. Trust God. Obey God. Confess your indulgences (if you can handle the term, “confess your sins”).

Above all, celebrate this magical relationship, where we can both be friends with the ruler of the universe, and under His wings of protection. We can rest assured, have faith and trust. This relationship is with an awesome God and it is a tremendous gift from, well, your friend and boss: God. Amen.