Hey, we all love movies right? Especially with a good bucket of non-GMO popcorn with real butter, yum. But to me, most movies are either silly or violent, not very heartfelt, interesting or helpful in raising consciousness.

But today I want to recommend a movie I just recently watched, called Living Proof. It’s really a documentary of sorts, about a man named Matt Embry, who was diagnosed with MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, over 20 years ago.

Much of the movie, to be honest, is agonizing, watching the sometimes-needless suffering of people with MS. But the most disturbing part is watching how the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the MS Society interact. It goes something like this.

The pharmaceutical companies, not surprisingly, make heaps of profits off of MS drugs, but they have no evidence that these drugs actually help in the long run, although these is plenty of evidence of the long list of side effects. The FDA, you might think, would require the drug companies to show evidence that these drugs actually work for long term results, but as some of you might be aware, the FDA has close ties with the pharmaceutical companies, and does not require them to prove much of anything.

Well, one would hope, at least we have the MS Society, to look after people. Wrong again. The MS Society not only takes a large percentage of their money from the drug companies, and even advertises for them, but they invest little in research for the people. In fact, when Matt Embry began finding natural ways to treat his MS, ways that worked, he was shunned and attacked by the MS Society, which wanted nothing to do with the things he was finding out. In other words, they were more concerned with helping make money for the drug companies, and themselves, than actually helping people.

What did Matt Embry find that actually helped? Well, not drugs. He found that a diet with no dairy and no gluten, and adding Vitamin D and healthy fruits, veggies and other healthy foods, helps keep MS at bay. And there have been promising treatments with stem cells. And also a procedure that opens up blocks in the jugular veins has shown to help tremendously. But there is no money available to deepen these studies into stem cells and jugular procedures for treatment of MS because, you guessed it, there are no drugs to sell and profit from. Stem cells come for one’s own body, and the jugular procedure is not complex or expensive.

So again, the movie I am recommending is called Living Proof. Matt Embry and his family also set up a website called Ms Hope, or Mshope.com to offer natural, free tips for those who suffer from MS. Lastly, this is just one example of how the pharmaceutical companies have weaved their way into controlling people, industries, regulations, companies and research. Now, I am guessing that most of the people in the drug industry, and the FDA and the MS Society are good at heart. But there is something evil going on here, and each of us has the right and responsibility to do their homework and look within to see if we are in our integrity.

We are at a crucial turning point, and truth is coming out in huge waves. So it is a great time to come forth, be a whistleblower, try alternative therapies, do whatever what we need to do to blow the lid off of the old paradigm of profit over people. And believe me, it goes way beyond profits. Much more insidious stuff is going on behind the scenes, so stay tuned for ever more truth to emerge. The truth may set us free, but first it ticks us off a bit.