Have any of you had a personal crisis, or trauma, or near death experience, or accident or illness? Or maybe you had what is referred to as a mid-life crisis?

When we identify excessively with the body and the human experience, we can overlook the most important perspective, that of spirit or of our soul. Our soul is in charge, but in our mind based world, we try to override the Soul and go about our human wants and patterns and pace. We strive to be in charge.

What spirit does, with all of us to some degree, is gently guide us, often with nudges and supposed coincidences. We may not even notice these little hunches or signs, but if we are smart, we follow the path of our intuition or higher self. In other words, we do what we are here on Earth to do.

But if we ignore ourself, that is, if we ignore the call and cues of our Soul, it has little choice but to get our attention, often with bigger hints and guidance. Someone tells us about a job offering, or introduces us to a friend or business associate. If we continue to bulldoze ahead on a path that is not of our soul, Spirit will create a situation or dire condition to knock us over the head and make sure it gets our attention.

I’ll give you one example from my own life. I worked in Central America doing human rights work for a few years in the 1990s. I loved it, and wanted to stay down there, maybe for the rest of my life. Then what seemed like a terrible thing happened; I got some threats for my work and had to stop my work and leave the country. My ego was crushed, as I had finally found fulfilling work.

I returned home and my life fell apart, a classic mid-life crisis, depression. I kicked and screamed and played the victim for awhile, but soon I began to see the gift. My Soul wanted me to focus first on me, rather than trying to save Central America, which was a daunting task. I needed to face the pain I had buried from a painful childhood. I went on to do what I am really here to do, be more of a spiritual teacher, and this is tremendously satisfying, and I would argue, much more effective for bringing peace to our world.

So again, something may happen that appears disastrous or overwhelming to the person, but to spirit, it is no big thing really. Spirit has the bird’s eye view. It does not want you to waste your life by doing things that do not align with the truth of who you are, why you came to Earth.

We must remember that this is not some punishment from some unseen god. It is you, your higher Self or Soul lovingly getting your attention, a call back to love and life and happiness. So, can you see the love in this, even in the accident, even in the near death experience, the job loss, the partner leaving for another man or woman.