Shift continues to arise out of the Catholic Church. Now Mary Magdalene has been lifted up in the eyes of the Catholic Church, basically to the level of the Apostles. The recent Decree stated that Mary Magdalen “can now rightly be taken by the faithful as a model of women’s role in the Church.”

Archbishop Arthur Roche said, “The Holy Father Francis took this decision precisely in the context of the Jubilee of Mercy to signify the importance of this woman who showed a great love for Christ and was much loved by Christ.” The Decree stated that Mary Magdalen “can now rightly be taken by the faithful as a model of women’s role in the Church.”

On a related note, there is more good news. In 1900 or so, when women were first allowed into the Olympics, only about 2% of the athletes were women. Now 45% of the athletes are women. Furthermore, women are now showing up in powerful positions all across the world, with the IMF and Federal Reserve now led by women, and Theresa May succeeding David Cameron as Prime Minister, and of course, Hilary Clinton about to become our first woman President. Remember, we don’t move instantly from a patriarchal left brained world to a feminine right brained world. Hilary is a bridge. Not unlike Margaret Thatcher, she runs a lot of masculine energy, but we will move more and more into a world with balanced masculine feminine energies where no man or woman will have to apologize for being kind, caring and considerate as well as powerful and courageous.

Now I have some more good news, and some rather sad news. The good news, at least in my opinion, is that Hilary Clinton leads Donald Trump among all women voters in the US by a whopping 24 points, the largest gender gap Pew has ever recorded in a Presidential race. Why is this good news? It means that fortunately most women are seeing what to some of us is obvious, that Donald Trump is a low conscious choice as leader of our nation. It is obvious that this man does not see women from a mature and heartfelt perspective, but perhaps somewhere below the belt.

Now the bad news. Among all male voters in the US, guess what? Trump leads 49 to 43 percent. Now, first of all, I do not trust polls as infallible. So for the benefit of the doubt, let us say that it is actually half the men who favor Trump. Still, this means that half the men favor Donald Trump for President!? What does this say? Does it mean that they simply do not like or trust Hilary Clinton? Or do they like what they see in Donald Trump? Or both? Either way, it is sad commentary about half the men in this country, that they cannot see what Donald Trump stands for and what he represents and where his consciousness is.

I may sound judgmental, but I feel I am simply observing what is obvious. The sad thing is that apparently over half the men do not see the obvious. What does that say? It means that we men are still living largely in the head. The head and mind are fear based, as I have talked about countless times in these commentaries. The egoic mind does not see clearly. It sees enemies everywhere. And of course Donald Trump feeds on this low conscious energy, instilling fear and creating and seeing enemies right and left.

The feminine energy is slightly less mind oriented and more heart oriented. The heart is the place of intuition. And anyone who is aligned with their heart and intuition can smell something off in Donald Trump. Admittedly, Hilary is no Bernie as far as trustworthiness goes, but there is simply no comparison between the level of intelligence, wisdom and consciousness between Hilary and Trump. It seems that men are still afraid of and mistrustful of women, even though Donald Trump has proven over and over that he is unpredictable, untrustworthy and self absorbed.

But again, fear not. All is in motion, and despite appearance, all is in perfect order, and Donald Trump will not be President. He does not fit the consciousness of where we are going, but he is doing a service by shaking things up for all of us to clear the fear and hate and choose a new direction for our country.