There has been a growing rift or polarity between those who support staying with a longer lockdown, and those calling for ending the shutdown and returning to normal life. I believe there is a more balanced, middle way. There is no one size fits all.

Certainly, we want to protect the most vulnerable, and these people would either choose or be urged to stay safe in some degree of quarantine. But for the rest of us, the cure is getting more dangerous than the disease. 80-90% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 hardly notice any symptoms. There have been 765 deaths from COVID-19 in Washington state so far through April 27–although I would argue the numbers are inflated due to attributing more to coronavirus than other diseases present. There have been many more suicides in Washington in the same time (1,300). We also know that this number may increase with an extended shutdown, as lower income residents are being squeezed. Of course, fear and financial stress are well known risk factors for disease and death.

Also, when we focus excessively on “flattening the curve” are we not just changing the dates? Without a herd immunity, we will likely see a spike whenever we do end the shutdown. I hope this does not justify reinstating the shutdown when that happens.

Let’s focus on personal empowerment and strengthening the immune system rather than putting all our eggs in one basket, waiting for an unproven and possibly unsafe vaccine. China and other countries have had tremendous success with vitamin C, and the FDA just approved hydroxychloroquine (despite a recent, questionable and poorly designed, possibly politically motivated study to “prove” it is unsafe).

Bodies are smart and know how to heal when we give it a chance and strengthen the immune system. Properly used, Food grade hydrogen peroxide, light therapy, and chlorine dioxide (MMS–NOT bleach!) are proven, safe, effective for treating COVID-19, as they oxygenate the lungs and body. In contrast, putting someone on a ventilator almost assures their demise.

And of course, we could talk about death counts. Even Deborah Birx has admitted that they are attributing any death that includes a positive COVID testing–even though tests are completely unreliable–to the coronavirus. One person in New York died of a gang shooting and tested positive and guess what they attributed the death to? Did you know that doctors and hospitals that diagnose a case of COVID 19 receive $13,000? And if they attribute a COVID death, they receive $39,000!

Lastly, our Washington Governor Inslee has stated that we need to follow the data. The question is, “which data”? Most stats are now revealing that this COVID-19 is not any more serious than a common flu.

Doctors all over the country are speaking out, calling for an end to the lockdown. Let’s listen to them. It is time to trust the doctors, genuine science and common sense, put politics aside and do what is best for all. While we still have rights, let’s use them. We are sovereign, capable beings who know how to take care of ourselves. Let’s move from fear to courage.