I have a question for you to ponder. After thousands and thousands of years on Earth, why is that we suddenly need pharmaceuticals drugs to get by? Many of us are convinced that relying on drugs is simply a fact of life. But is this true?

Some might say that these are different times. We have gotten so far away from our natural way, and we have put so many toxins into the environment, that we have to do what we have to do, including taking drugs. Certainly, there is truth to the fact that the Earth is not as clean as in the past, but does this mean that we have to add more toxins to our bodies and the Earth, in the form of pharmaceutical drugs?

Mother Earth is entirely capable of taking care of us. In nature’s rainforests and mountains and waters are all that we need to treat any ailment. Does that sound like a radical statement, or does it make perfect sense?

Hippocrates said, Let food be they medicine.  What we need to do is switch from pharmacy to farmacy.

Another problem with drugs is that they can be a permission slip to eat poorly. We may feel that we just need to pop a pill and what we eat is not as important. This is backwards.  As we eat well, take care of our body, perhaps get help from naturapaths and other Earth based professional help, we can lower our reliance on drugs, which all have side effects. Statins are one example of a drug that is largely unnecessary or unhelpful for most people who take them, with significant side effects.

Food and other natural Earth gifts are simply more effective for healing and maintaining optional health, again, without all the side effects of drugs. I personally have not taken a prescription drugs in many years. I even went about 40 years without health insurance, as eating well and yoga were my insurances.

There are some studies that show a revealing correlation: the more drugs you take, the greater your risk of heart disease. Take back your power and your health from the drug companies. They have more interest in making money than caring for your health.

The good news is that this is exactly what is happening. We are in a beautiful transition, learning how to reconnect with our bodies and the Earth, to utilize the wonderful and delicious assortment of natural foods and herbs and waters, the sun and the soil, the always present gifts of Mother Earth. May you be well.