Stockholm Syndrome, Agent Smith and Mainstream Media

Today I want to talk about three syndromes and situations that may help us understand the visceral reactions many of us are having to this pandemic and the countless theories being tossed around. Let’s explore the Stockholm Syndrome, Agent Smith Syndrome and Mainstream Media.

Have you noticed that some people seem to be losing it over this pandemic? Some people seem to cling rigidly to mainstream narratives, terrified that they may in fact not have the whole story or may in fact be being lied to.

The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response that occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.

This may be more common in those of us who were already traumatized or abused as children. We may come to despise authority even as we succumb to it, feel dependent on it, or feel powerless to overcome it. Does this sound familiar? Right now one could argue that we are being locked down and muzzled, by our captors. We are being abused, under the guise of protecting one another, for our own good. On the surface, this sounds okay, except if you dig a bit into the false pretenses, the house of cards come tumbling down. It is we who are being controlled, not the virus. Otherwise common immune supports and safe, cheap and effective medicines like hydroxychloroquine would be suggested more and made more available, as we get steered towards the most disempowering, dangerous solution: the Bill Gates vaccine. And we desperately believe that Bill will save us.

In an Orwellian twist, many people are now defending their abusers and defending their own lockdown and loss of rights.

Now, if you talk about this, we then activate the Agent Smith Syndrome. Have you seen the Matrix movie? Agent Smith is a defender of the matrix, and truth is the greatest threat to the matrix. So, for example, you may be having a coffee with a friend, talking baseball or football or other casual chat, and then you say something like, “You know, this pandemic is a plandemic.” It’s like everyone stops and time stands still, and the person either reacts strongly, or totally ignores you. It’s amazing, like a program we all have installed in us that defends the delusional matrix, so that no one will be allowed to question it.

Conspiracy theory is a term coined by the CIA. Anyone who questions the cabal behind the scenes or where the COVID 19 came from is immediately attacked, and it is not comfortable. There is an open conspiracy right now to censor. It is not theory but fact, just ask the various whistleblowers. They even have us agreeing that we are not smart enough to hear different research and opinions. It’s astounding.

Lastly, I noticed that my posts on FB and other sites were often attacked in irrational and almost threatening ways, like a mob mentality. People, or Agent Smith, were clearly feeling threatened and were working hard to defend the matrix.

Martin Geddes: “People around me who habitually watch TV or listen to mainstream radio are like a different species right now. Their fear driven, psychic defenses make it nearly impossible to have meaningful discourse. Doubled down on existing dogma; safety in familiar beliefs and behaviors.”

Mark Twain said, “It is easier to fool someone, than convince them they have been fooled.” We need compassion for each other as we go through this tender and traumatic time. The vast majority of us are good people searching for truth, but unfortunately, we cannot rely on our mainstream media to guide us. Fortunately, we do have an inner compass, and we can access it through the heart. Let us not be divided, where we are weak. Together we are strong.