In my last blog I explored the notion: “Evidence of Evil”. I argued that, we not only want but need to acknowledge and be aware of evil, and the ongoing war against the people and planet.

But it is essential that we spend most of our energy affirming the good, or God.

Some would not use these words interchangeably, but for the sake of clarity and brevity, I will use the words “good” and “God” more or less as synonyms. I believe that God is good, is love, is the good that evil or Satan is attacking.

In this fallen world, evidence of evil is now quite visible, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We are under attack, and have been for millennia– this is why Jesus was sent to help. And the attack is intensifying of late. I would list the JFK assassination, 911, the COVID plandemic, the vaccine bioweapon, the January 6th false flag “insurection”, the stolen 2020 election, and intense censorship as some of the evidence of this escalation.

Yet Satan is the father of lies and his greatest deception is that he or evil do not exist. Thus, much of the world’s population is under a spell of mind control and cannot see the enemy.

But what about God and good? Is it real and is it able to be seen? Let’s explore.

First, we must remember that, even in a fallen world, Satan’s world, God is in charge. In truth, since the cross, it is no longer Satan’s world. It does appear that God has given Satan permission for a certain amount of time to play his game. In a world of free choice, he has had an opportunity to perform evil, while always warned that there would be an end to his mischief, and always invited back to good.

Satan has thus far refused to back down, ignoring intense warnings of hell and damnation. He does not want us to know that when Jesus died on the cross, we were given authority over evil and all demons.

But I digress. Where is the evidence of God and good? Well, who created the world? Is it Satan or God? God preceded and will outlast Satan. And a jealous, competitive and combative Satan continues to battle against God and His creation.

Evidence of good is everywhere, because God is omnipresent, timeless, invincible. Again, with eyes to see and ears to hear, we can see or sense the presence of God in a baby’s eyes, in the whisper of the wind, in the sight of a sunset, in the sound of inspired music.

When there is an accident, or an injury, what is your first impulse? Is it to do more damage? Is it to take advantage of the situation? Even in a fallen world, for the vast majority of us the impulse is, “How can I help?” Some of us even risk our own lives for the sake of others. This is God’s grace and goodness at work.

One way we are presently witnessing God’s grace in action is the revelation of evil in the form of speaking “gaffs”. I believe God is forcing the enemy to reveal his true plans with politicians and newscasters and other soldiers of Satan, letting truth slip unwittingly from their mouths.

The most recent example is George W. Bush, giving a talk about the ‘horrid Putin’ and the “invasion” of Ukraine. He spoke of “the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq—I mean of Ukraine.”

Grace is a mysterious tool of God in demonstrating His goodness, love and mercy. I have experienced countless gifts of grace, and have no idea why they occurred or if I had anything at all to do with them. I doubt it; they seem to be just that: gifts of grace from a good God.

What we call miracles are another demonstration of God and good. Sudden remission of cancer or other disease is on example. The doctor’s jaw drops and he or she lacks any ability explain what happened. Prayers may or may not precede a miracle, but the power of prayer has been demonstrated to help create change.

We have been bestowed infinite patience and mercy and guidance to repent, to change our sin-stained ways. God knows that Satan’s influence is sometimes overwhelming. God’s mercy and grace are evidence of good.

The Bible is also a gift of grace. In a fallen world, I have little doubt that the bible was also tinkered with by the evil ones. Yet the bible is still full of inspired wisdom and has provided guidance, hope and faith for billions of people wondering how long we have to endure this fallen world and how do we find solace and salvation.

Revelations is one biblical example of goodness. While it is hotly debated, it is clear that God was providing hopeful info for John to write and help uplift a persecuted people. In the final battle, the winner is Jesus and God and believers and the loser is Satan and what is referred to as the Beast.

Currently, we can see more examples of goodness in the truther and freedom movements. While we certainly always need to discern, there are now literally hundreds or perhaps thousands of truther podcasts, blogs and newscasts. The statistics reveal that mainstream media and news—again, a tool and weapon of the evil ones—are losing its audience quite quickly. Most legacy media news programs (program is an appropriate word) are showing under a million views, while truth seekers and speakers like Joe Rogan are over ten million. Even JP Sears, a basement comedian newscaster, is getting around a million views, which again, is more than well-funded mainstream news!

More wonderful evidence of good is that people are awakening! I have a personal example: during the first year of COVID, I was relentlessly attacked on social media and cancelled in countless area of my life. Now, there is more silence than attack or canceling, and even some questioning, asking for more information. While many are still in a psychosis phase, many more are in the doubt phase and quickly moving into the “aha” awakening phase!

Because there is mercy and goodness in our world, I believe that the “disclosure” and truth telling is being done in a loving manner and manageable timetable. Most of us could not handle all the truth regarding evil at once; it would overwhelm us.

So we are being nudged and prodded awake in perhaps the most loving way. We will each awaken at our own pace, and have to go through our dark nights of the soul, the various stages of shock, disorientation, grief and anger, before we get busy co-creating a more loving and functional world.

God is good, and God will not allow the (d)evil to reign forever. Thank God.