I am not obsessed with evil. I am obsessed, if anything, with truth, and God.

In a fallen world, a chaotic world, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the bigness of God and the smallness of evil, or what some call Satan.

Yet we must acknowledge evil. We need to recognize the cleverness, the presence and persistence of evil.

But not the omnipresence, that is God’s terrain. Timeless, invincible, almighty. Spend 98% of our time and energy focused on God–what is true and trustworthy–and maybe 2% with an eye on the enemy.

So today’s topic is, how do we know there is evil? Or, how do we know there is a war on the people? If we do not recognize this evil, and this war, we fall prey. We even become allies with evil, as we have seen with millions of us following illegal and unscientific mandates and lockdown protocol. If we are not careful, we support the enemy’s plan.

Now, there is certainly something other than evil, including arrogance, incompetence, stupidity and group think. One could argue that the apparent evil in our world–of late and for millennia–is really just arrogance, ego, and incompetence. I certainly agree that all of these are present, but do not exclude the possibility and perhaps probability of evil being present.

Many world religions and cultures have warned of an evil force or dark energy. Buddha spoke of Mara, a dark force that tried to thwart his awakening. Muslims speak of Shaytan (or Shaitan) or devil, which sounds similar to the nemesis of Jesus. . I have come to accept a Christian take on much of this, simply because in some ways it is the only thing that makes sense. And Jesus often referred to the “enemy” and Satan and the devil. Satan’s is called “the father of lies”, and his greatest trick is convincing us that he does not exist. Oh he does, and he is currently a wild animal backed into a corner. His time may be limited, and he is trying to take out as many of God’s children with him before he goes down.

Here is some evidence of this battle of good and evil, or Deep Sate versus the people, or Satan versus God. Here is evidence that these are not simply a munch of coincidences.

How do we know we are under attack?       

  • COVID lockdown, mandates and protocols. First of all, COVID itself is a ‘virus’ that still has yet to be isolated by any scientist worldwide. Does it even exist? It is heretical to even consider that the virus may not even exist, to those steeped in mainstream news. To many scientists, it is some sort of bioweapon, but clearly a weapon. Meanwhile, all of the lockdown protocol (masks, social distancing, closing businesses, etc.) studies are now showing to have been not only ineffective but caused infinitely more depression, destruction, damage and death.
  • Vaccines. Vaccines are clearly a key tool in this war, and they are pushing it hard. Not just COVID, but on our children for decades. This war has been going on for decades, if not centuries. Jesus was fighting the same enemy–Satan. According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) there have been as of June 15, 2022, over 28,000 COVID vaccine deaths and over 2 million adverse reactions, and this is just those reported, a tip of the iceberg. This is arguably more adverse reactions than all other vaccines combined over last couple decades. In desperation, the evil ones are now saying that it is normal for kids and athletes to fall over dead, or that climate change is suddenly causing people to drop dead! Insurance companies are acknowledging huge spikes in death since the COVID vaccine came out in late 2020. They will not be able to hide this for long, but they are trying.
  • Climate Change: While we certainly need to clean up the environment, climate change is truly not the main issue, but rather a tool to scare us into supporting a One World Government. They began the scare us with global colding, then switched it to global warming, then over to “climate change”. Climate change, like many other ploys, is about control. Al Gore is one of the evil ones. He had it backwards; it turns out that CO2 levels follow global warming, not the other way around. No one is allowed to mention the patterns of the sun and their effects on climate change.
  • Great Reset: Of course they rehearsed all this with Event 201, Agenda 2030, announced the Great Reset, the hoped-for WHO Pandemic treaty, New World Order. They rehearsed this!
  • Suppress Cures: For COVID especially–but in all areas of health in general–there has been an all out suppression of economical drugs that work, and zero discussion of immune system boosting suggestions. Vitamin D alone could have helped millions prevent COVID.
  • Long term plan: to vaccinate our children and get us all hooked on Big Pharma drugs to make money and get us sick, weak and vulnerable. Yes, there is a depopulation component too all this.
  • Censorship: Mainstream (now called “legacy”) media is controlled by the evil ones, and are not only allowed but ordered to vomit forth a continuous waves of lies and deception. Meanwhile, those who do real research and explore real science are attacked and censored.
  • LGBTQ: I am not attacking the people who have been manipulated or programmed into the trans world, pride movement, and the anti-family, gender identity movement. I am only saying that truth must be told and acknowledged. Satan is fighting against God’s creation. He is using public schools to confuse, program and brainwash our children, and separate them from their parents. Remember, depopulation is a key component of their plan, and it takes a man and woman to have a baby, believe it or not.
  • Divide and conquer: Many methods are used to divide, but using critical race theory, and founding groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to scare, terrorize, divide, distract. Let me be clear, only in this Orwellian world is it considered racist to say that all lives matter. Of course Black lives matter, and many of the people involved with BLM are good people, but they have been coerced into joining a tool of the evil ones. Many Black BLM leaders saw it and dropped out of the group. BLM is not about helping Blacks or anyone else. They are a fundraising organization and, like Antifa, a terrorist organization to cause division and create chaos.
  • Stolen election: Yes, this election of 2020 was stolen. They have been stealing elections for decades, and had the steal set up in 2016, but alas, Trump still won, and they pulled every trick and stunt to make sure that would not happen in 2020. (Trump is not cooperating with the Deep State, so they hate him.)
  • False Flag January 6 event: Imagine, an unarmed insurgency! This was clearly a staged event. Sure, many people entered the Capitol, but most were let in to take pictures. 14,000 hours of Capitol surveillance videos have been suppressed, because we are no allowed to see what really happened January 6. If anything, the event before the chaos that day was a patriotic counterinsurgency, that is, a call to not allow the Deep State to steal our election and hijack our country. There were numerous groups helping create the false flag at the Capitol, reportedly including Antifa, BLM, the Azov battalion and others. The partisan January 6 committee is intended to a) bury Trump so he does not bother them anymore, and b) distract from revelations and truth emerging.
  • Chaos: Forced or engineered food shortages, gas price surges, highest inflation in 41 years. Again, we are under attack folks. Biden has been closing oil and gas leases and using up our reserves to up gas prices and cause chaos.
  • DARPA weather engineering:  This includes directed energy weapons, false flag fires, and other tools to create fear and chaos, punish certain people.
  • Poisoning the People: chemtrails are very real, with aluminum, other metals and nanoparticles to weaken us. Fluoride is toxic and totally unnecessary in our water supplies (many cities and countries have managed to eliminate it). Chemical pesticides are also part of the poisoning.
  • Big Pharma: Getting us hooked on drugs has a couple benefits in this war. One, it provides trillions of dollars for the enemy’s war. And second, it makes us sick and vulnerable and confused.
  • Surveillance State: China is the model, with the social credit system. Digital and COVID vaccine passports are key for this control plan. Klaus Schwab spelled it out, telling us we would own nothing and be happy, while Bill Gates buys up most of the farmland. The evil ones certainly will not be the ones owning nothing.
  • 5G: is a huge part of this planned control grid, with “smart” homes and appliances, and “smart” cities, and above mentioned ways to get metals into our bodies to help us be human antennas. Some noticed correlations between areas with high COVID deaths and where 5G was first rolled out–including Wuhan. Those who spoke or researched about this correlation and the possibility that electromagnetic radiation was perhaps doing more damage than COVID itself were immediately censored and marginalized, hmmmmmm.
  • “Mistakes”: Leaving 80 billion worth of weapons to Afghanistan and leaving people behind. No mistake.
  • False flag shootings: What do you do if you are war with the people? You go for their guns. Yes, just like the January 6th events, many of the shootings are false flags. Yes, real people get shot and killed; I do not argue that. But they are using MKUltra and other mind control methods and crisis actors to create many of these events to again, terrorize people and legislate gun control policies, which will not work.
  • Russian-Ukraine: to distract, focus on yet another external enemy, start a war, hide biolabs, protect Khazarian mafia / Deep State friends in Ukraine. Note the hypocrisy. No other country has invaded more innocent countries than the Deep State-controlled U.S. over the last several decades. Also, there is now plenty of evidence that the U.S. organized a coup to place Zelensky in power in Ukraine. He is now being promoted as a hero, but we need to glorify only God, not Zelensky (and other puppets). And we need to condemn Satan more than Putin or whatever current “enemy” of the evil ones. Note: I am not an apologist for Putin, but I am inviting us to learn from past and present patterns).
  • Demonizing:  Again, such as Putin, but in general to divide and conquer, using labels such as conspiracy theorist, white supremacists, etc. to keep us at each other’s throats and to distract from truth telling.
  • Open borders: Goals include: bring in huge amounts of fentanyl, increase human trafficking, create chaos, win elections. Fentanyl is now the number 1 killer of 18-45 year-olds in America, with 150 daily deaths. There was enough Fentanyl captured in 2021 to kill every American 7 x over. More Fentanyl deaths in 2021 than the entire Vietnam war. But promoting abortion is their big concern because they care so deeply about human life!
  • War on children: I already mentioned the vaccines, one of the main weapons against our children. It is beyond the scope of this blog to get into the truly insidious world of child trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse, adrenochrome and other horrific attacks on our children, the prize of God’s creation. For the sake of the children, I urge you to get past your programing and gut level response to this article and investigate for yourself what this war is really all about. The children need us to step up and wake up.

Now, you might disagree with much of what I said above. You might say, this is all a great big coincidence, or a conspiracy theory. Well, truth is, people do conspire for evil. And we can conspire for good.

As Biden’s ratings hit the lowest ever for a US President, as people are starting to see and talk and end the social distancing and coming together against gas prices, food and baby food shortages, we are once again urged to distract and focus on gun shootings, Supreme Court leaks, and supposed attacks on Blacks and Transgender people. They need us divided, because if we come together, they are done.

Just today, as I write this (6/15/22), I read this report from The Children’s Health Defense, after the FDA voted to approve vaccines for kids, who have virtually no chance of dying from COVID: “All the risks are to the innocent children and all of the billion-dollar rewards go to the government-protected pharmaceuticals,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), after advisors to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today voted 21-0 to recommend Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young children.

Remember, Satan is the father of lies, and whatever the mainstream media or the talking heads (Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, etc.) say, you can often get much closer to the truth by turning their words around 180 degrees. When they say they care and are trying to save lives or protect us, they are really attacking us and wanting us sick or dead.

It’s a war folks. In war, there are casualties. In the end, we win, God wins. But let’s wake up and be smart. And the sooner we wake up, the sooner the war ends.