What an amazing, historical moment on Earth. Can you feel it?

Personally, I am on fire. An investigative journalist has been born in me, or perhaps resurged. At the same time, I feel very sad, confused, concerned.

In my 30s, I worked extensively in Central America, living in Guatemala for 3 years doing human rights work, investigating and teaching the effects of US policy. I stepped away from this in my 40s and 50s and hopped on to a spiritual journey of healing and awakening. I wrote a book called Healing Self, Healing Earth, as I recognized I had a lot of inner healing to do before I could be of any help to anyone.

Now, in my 60s, I seem to have come full circle, hopefully into a more balanced teacher. The challenge is, this energy on Earth right now is intense! I do not know what to do with what I am learning. My usual “outlet” to express what I feel in my heart is KSER radio in Everett, where I have done a weekly health and healing commentary for nearly 20 years. But with COVID-19, I cannot get into the booth to record my comments.

My partner Liz and I are truth seekers, and we are not afraid to question everything we thought we knew. So, with this lockdown, we have bravely dove deeply into the rabbit hole of this COVID-19, and strongly related side topics of 5G, Earth Shifts, and globalist agendas. We have learned a lot!

But I had to tackle my confusion: what is a spiritual teacher? We learned much about dark agendas. Do I just pray and hold the light? Do I speak out? If I do speak out, how? Where? And how far do we go? Do I mention 10% of what I have learned, as David Wilcock suggests, to not overwhelm people)? Do I mention the dark, even evil things going on? How about the deepest and darkest globalist agendas? Is truth sometimes too traumatizing?

My heart insisted I speak out, and I have shared what I am learning in blogs, FB Live, and FB posts, among others. I was not prepared for the backlash; I learned many things:

  • Many people are locked into a polarized narrative–often left or right—and it did not matter how much “science” I sent them; they would not consider what I said.
  • It is important to fact check the fact checkers! There is a concerted effort to misinform, scare, confuse.
  • Dark energies or entities seemed to creep in on any doubts, fears or anger in the people who read my FB posts. They were sometimes led on by trolls who are very good at instilling doubt and—in their view—disproving whatever I wrote.

Let me try to sum up the whole complex situation. Or put another way, here is what I have learned:

  • There is a beautiful shift on Earth, a rare alignment, end of one cycle and beginning of another. People are awakening! And nothing can remain hidden in this higher vibration energy.
  • There is a corresponding pushback to this shift, by a global group, which goes by many names: New World Order Globalists, cabal, deep state, Illuminati, etc. They are giving an all-out last-ditch effort to retain control of the masses, by any means necessary. They use many tools, but control of perception—through the media for example–is key.
  • We can not trust the mainstream media! This may seem obvious, but it astounds me how convincing and omnipresent they are, especially around this Coronavirus and the 5G connection (they don’t want you to know about that one!)
  • Therefore, it is imperative that we do two things: 1. Learn to trust your heart, gut and intuition, and 2. Learn to investigate and snoop around behind the mainstream.
  • The coronavirus, according to most experts I trust, is probably man made in a weapons lab. Gates and Fauci even predicted and told us it would be coming, if you snoop around a bit. The tests are totally unreliable. And the death totals are being padded.
  • In other words, it is a plandemic, shamdemic, infodemic, feardemic. It has been planned. We are being deceived and lied to in unimaginable ways. And we are being scared into accepting draconian and disgraceful infringements on our freedom. They have never isolated the “virus”, and are padding the numbers, marching towards their mandatory vaccine mantra.
  • 5G is magnifying the effects of this virus—or whatever it exactly is. We are not saying it “causes” coronavirus, as the media accuses us “conspiracy theorists”. We are saying that 5G (and 4G, EMF, etc) all do great harm to the immune system and yes, greatly contribute to the deaths. Here is what renowned Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science, Washington State University, says:
  • “It is my opinion, therefore, that 5G radiation is greatly stimulating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and also the major cause of death, pneumonia and therefore, an important public health measure would be to shut down the 5G antennae, particularly the small cell 5G antennae in close proximity to our homes, schools, businesses, houses of worship and hospitals.  I will list some of my professional qualifications following the citations.”

In the end, what is important is not to lose ourselves in this drama. There is a historical, even biblical, good versus evil war going on. The darker side is waging a war on consciousness, the people, the feminine, the children, and the planet.

The brighter side is using all resources—including our armed forces—to hunt these people down in their caves and tunnels, many literally underground, all over the planet. They are reportedly rescuing hundreds if not thousands of children. (More to come on this)

Disclosure has begun. Truth is emerging so quickly it is hard to keep track. It will shock and traumatize people. Hollywood will never be the same. And we will never look at Democrats and Republicans the same again. We will come to question ourselves, the mainstream media, and all our narratives and beliefs we have clung so tightly to.

This is messy but beautiful! The light of love will win. Let’s each align and shine. If our heart has us do anything about all this, great. But mostly, it seems to be a process of unlearning, opening, and being willing to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and remember how to trust our wise heart. May we each be a lighthouse for each other during these intense yet wonderful times.