Most of us have an idea of what a charge or trigger is. It’s when some sort of people bother us, or some sort of situation bugs us or triggers some sort of reaction. A charge or trigger is essentially unfinished business, some sort of trauma or wound that we have not fully healed, felt or experienced, something we unconsciously buried away until the day we are present and strong enough to face and feel it fully.

Eugene Gendlin, who founded a method for healing old triggers called Focusing, said. “A charge just wants to complete itself and release. We think that if we understand our charges (head) we will be able to heal them. This interrupts the process. Only by fully experiencing a charge can you complete it. The inevitable result of fully experiencing a charge is joy.”

Where do we get our charges or triggers?
o They may originate anytime from the moment of conception up until the present moment.
o Deepest charges often happen in womb, at birth, the few hours after birth, and from our early conditioning and programming.
o Not to confuse things, but they may come from past lives, for example. of you as drowned in a previous life and now afraid of water.

Good news about charges or triggers:
1. Life will constantly bring you people and events and situations to help you feel your pain and heal it. Feeling is healing.
2. Universe or higher self lovingly does not give us all charges at once!
3. When we feel our discomfort fully, it dissolves. We free up the life force energy that was locked up in the contraction or trauma. This is something few of us are taught, that we can avoid holding on to pain and suffering by feeling fully.
o Oneness Trainer Eric Isen says, When you are successful in dissolving a charge by staying with the “what is”, then there is an automatic wave of joy. This occurs because you have dissolved a blockage between you and the field of joy, which some may call the Divine.
So again, anything experienced fully turns back into the joy from which it came, as joy and love are our essence. The simple, revolutionary yet challenging key is to stay present with whatever people or situations that trigger us.