When you hear the word “cancer,” what feelings arise? What images? What memories or experiences have you had with loved ones or friends who battled cancer or died from cancer?

More than likely fear, confusion and anger are some of the feelings that quickly surface. Fear and anger are warning systems, that tell us something is not quite right. They tell us to align more with truth and God, and the bible tells us over and over to fear not. As for anger, Jesus tossed a few tables in His day. So let’s educate ourselves, do some research, and see if we can reduce our fear, think more clearly, and maybe focus any anger and use it as motivation for good.

Cancer is a disease of excess and deficiency: excess toxins and stressors, deficiency in nutrients and overall good health. Excess fear and giving power away to health authorities and insufficient knowledge and faith in our natural immune system.

The cancer industrial complex is an enormous, trillion-dollar industry. The pharmaceutical industry relies on cancer as its biggest cash cow. They rely on three techniques, which are sometimes valuable, but far overused and often ineffective and dangerous or even deadly. These are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation (slash, poison and burn).

Around 1900, John D. Rockefeller helped shape medical history when he used his wealth and influence to help eliminate all holistic and natural studies and practices and put American on a committed course of oil based pharmaceutical drugs and treatment. This is beyond this short article so please do your research.

Approximately one out of every three of us will reportedly get a cancer diagnosis. Again, when a cancer cause is announced, there is certainly a great deal of fear with most of us. Unfortunately, many of us are encouraged or urged into life changing decisions at a time when we are scared and not thinking clearly. We are offered very few options. At this time, it is wise to take a breath, and then give yourself some time. Empower yourself. Talk with friends, and do your research, and get second and third opinions—including outside the mainstream allopathic model if possible.

What to do? There are so many more options that most allopathic physicians will tell you. But research is key, along with an open mind. There are many good options, many legitimate healers and clinics available. But again, as insidious as it sounds, there are indeed massive economic interests that do not want you to escape the mainstream medical model. And insurance companies normally only cover the big three mentioned above.

These are the same ones who have blocked over 5,000 health, energy and environmental patents under the banner of “national security”. And countless doctors and healers who were helping people cure cancer and recover fully have been pressured, sued, chased into the courts or out of the country–or killed.

We know how to heal cancer; we simply lack the will.

Here are a few suggestions for addressing cancer in yourself or loved one. Please note that many of these suggestions apply to prevention, simply maintaining optimal health.

  • Fear not. As mentioned above, breathe deeply, pray, research, get help. Stay positive and empowered.
  • Humor: Norman Cousins famously recovered from a disease that his doctor had given him a 1 in 500 chance to recover, by watching funny movies and laughing a lot!
  • Detoxify the Body: Since cancer can be seen as a disease of excessive toxins, this is crucial. In truth, cancer or not, all of us need to be clearing out the internal clutter due to all the toxins we are bombarded with these days. See your naturopath for specifics or do your research. This may include fasting, binders, colonics, coffee or other enemas, foot baths, chelation, etc. Dry brushing is excellent as well, as our skin is our largest detox organ.
  • Nutrition: Reduce or avoid: eliminate most inflammatory foods, such as sugars, dairy and most meats in your diet. While meat itself is not necessarily a problem, when facing a cancer situation, meat should be avoided in most cases. Avoid seed oils, canola oil, and most vegetable oils. Avoid alcohol.  Add: Organic foods, fresh green juices, fresh vegetables, foods with high nutrient value, and apricot seeds. For oil, try ghee, perhaps avocado or olive oil.
  • Apricot seeds are a miracle food in fighting cancer. The FDA warns that the laetrile / amygdalin B17 is toxic to humans, and they are right. It is quite toxic … to cancer cells! They do not harm healthy cells. There is tremendous research of apricot seeds helping destroy cancer cells and heal countless people. Laetrile is a trade name of a nutrient / vitamin that also goes by other names: B17, amygdalin, nitriliside. It is found in many nuts and seeds, but especially apricot seeds. It’s part of a large family of natural compounds known as cyanogenic glycosides. I am not a doctor, but have been told that 5 apricot seeds a day could help keep cancer away, and if you are actively fighting cancer, maybe 25 seeds a day. See below for a good source. There are options of eating the seeds themselves, or eating the ground seeds, or laetrile capsules. (more info from John Richardson sent to me personally; see below)
  • Learn from the Hunzas: The Hunzas are a group of people who live in a beautiful mountain setting near Pakistan. They are some of the healthiest, most long-lived people on earth, often living over 120 years. They reportedly have no cancer. They drink fresh water (no fluoride or chlorine). They work outside and get plenty of exercise. They eat plenty of fresh foods, and their most prized food is apricot seeds!
  • Sunshine, Fresh Air, Exercise and Nature: Strangely enough, during the COVID era, we locked ourselves up and reduced our outdoor time. We have also been taught to fear sunshine, which is essential for life on earth and our bodies. Nature and exercise also reduce fear. Earthing (unfiltered, bare feet on the soil or grass) is grounding, healing and clears fear.
  • Deuterium Depleted Water. My Naturopath believes this is one of the best anti-aging products available (but pricey). Recent research has shown that Deuterium-depleted Water can be another way to fight cancer.
  • Ivermectin is a wonderdrug, not only effective against COVID (and why it was attacked) but a strong anti-inflammatory agent against cancer. Chlorine Dioxide is also a great blood purifier and alkalinizer, and cancers need an acid environment and cannot survive an alkaline environement.
  • Fenbendazole: Many claim to have healed themselves from colon cancer with the help of fenbendazole. Fenbendazole is an anti-parasitic drug used to de-worm pets and livestock that is widely available without a prescription that could be a valuable anti-cancer drug because it interferes with glucose metabolism. The main source of fuel for cancer cells is sugar and when researchers in 2008 tested Fenbendazole combined with vitamins, tumor size significantly decreased compared to other controlled groups. Fenbendazole has been found to block sugar uptake in cancer cells and to kill cancer cells (i.e., induce apoptosis). Joe Tippens had 4th stage lung cancer that had metastasized all over his body and he was given 3 months to live. After following this protocol for 3 months he was instead cured of cancer: 1 gram granules (3 days on, 4 days off) of canine drug ‘Panacur C’, which contains 222mg of fenbendazole, Vitamin E Succinate (800IU daily), Curcumin (600mg daily), CBD oil (25mg per day)
  • Clif High also claims that he cured himself of colon cancer with fenbendazole: “My approach to getting cancer free, rebuilding muscle mass, and gaining recovery started by firing my oncologist who’s most frequent answer to any question was “I don’t know”, and also included the following: Chaga tea, very frequent & often, as an anticancer agent, and immune regulator. Vitamin D3+K2. 10,000 or 15,000 IU daily. It turns out that if you had a level of 95ng/ml D3 level, you would not get colon cancer. Vitamin C. 3 grams to 9 grams daily. Liposomal form.”
  • Less Vaccines: There is evidence that vaccines are contributing to higher rates of cancers. The control group of people who have not been vaccinated is very small, and it is difficult to find research, but there are reports of unvaccinated having lower rates of cancer. I encourage everyone to do a deep dive into the history of vaccine efficacy, policies, etc. Do you know the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability? Wouldn’t you like a have a business where the taxpayer helps cover research costs, you make billions of dollars, and yet your company is immune from adverse reaction liability? Do you know that doctors and parents are now pressured into giving their children 70+ vaccines and rising, up from a handful we received when I grew up in the 1950s? Do your research–and please look outside the “official” sources (AMA, CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, etc.) who are in the pockets of Big Pharma (and yes, even the American Cancer Society).
  • Long term and Big Picture: Again, cancer is not just an individual issue. Even relatively healthy people can get cancer, as our planet is soaked in pesticides, chemicals, etc. As we make smarter choices, clean up the earth, and even release some of the blocked health and clean energy patents, things will change quickly. It is time.

Cancer healers and clinics to consider:

  • Burzynski in Texas. Dr. Burzynski found that certain peptides were missing in people with cancer, so he developed a cure that he has been using successfully since 1977. As a result, he has been continuously attacked and brought to courts countless times by the FDA and drug companies—among other shenanigans–over the last 40+ years, but continues to help people heal from cancer tumors. His clinic can be found at this link: https://www.burzynskiclinic.com/ Check out this eye-opening documentary on this amazing man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_7LZ8GLerI
  • Gershon: Others who were successful treating cancer patients have been chased out of the country. Check out the Gershon Institute in Mexico at https://gerson.org/ or Laetrile treatments centers like https://www.immunitytherapycenter.com/therapies/vitamin-b17/
  • Weston Price center in Mexico: https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/modern-diseases/cancer-clinics-mexico/
  • Dr. Nicolas Gonzales ran the Gonzales Foundation, developed the Gonzales Protocol, and died suddenly in 2015.   Hope4cancer.com or https://thegonzalezprotocol.com/
  • Apricot Seeds again: Several doctors were healing people with Laetrile / Apricot seed therapy (Steve McQueen was famously healed from cancer in this way, but later died while getting cosmetic surgery.) John Richardson sells some of the highest quality apricot seeds and other apricot products at his website: store.com It is important not to pasteurize or radiate the apricots and his are not.
  • Personal note directly from John Richardson: After years of working with Laetrile in thousands of different cases, my father suggested that anyone who has had the “C” word and has conquered it, should be on a maintenance dose of 500 mgs per day. He also suggested, for a healthy individual, it was good to have 100 – 200 mgs per day as part of the diet, since there was such a lack of Nitriloside-containing foods in the American diet.
  • Note for Children:I have been eating Apricot Seeds since I was 5 years old and am now 58.  My six unvaxxed healthy children who never get sick have been eating Apricot Seeds since they were toddlers.  The “3 seeds” is basically a guideline for an ABUNDANCE of caution because sometimes people get an upset stomach.  I personally eat 40 a day and have for at least 7 years.  At trade shows I will eat 100 -150 but obviously I do NOT recommend that.  We have been selling Apricot Seeds for 50+ years and have NEVER not once had someone “overdose” on seeds.  However, I must caution we HAVE had people get severely upset stomachs AND (after believing the indoctrination by google) falsely interpret that they were in fact poisoned.  If this were true we would have had more than two insurance claims in the last 20 years (both of which were for broken teeth).  This 100 – 200mg per day can be achieved by consuming Laetrile / Amygdalin in one of five different ways:


1) By taking 1 – 2 capsules of Laetrile 100mgs per day.  Link: https://rncstore.com/collections/laetrile-b17-cancer-supplements/products/laetrile-100mg-capsules

2) By taking 2 – 4 Seed Caps per day (50mgs of B17 each).  Link: https://rncstore.com/collections/laetrile-b17-cancer-supplements/products/seed-caps-b17-b15-enzymes

3) By taking 2 – 4 scoops (Scoop provided) of Organic Apricot Seed Meal.  Link: https://rncstore.com/collections/bitter-apricot-seeds/products/copy-of-bitter-apricot-seed-meal-16-oz

4) By chewing up or grinding 5-10 seeds per day and swallowing them (20mgs per seed on average)  Link: https://rncstore.com/collections/bitter-apricot-seeds/products/apricot-seeds-32oz

5) By changing your diet to contain 100 – 200mgs per day or more by eating foods that are high in “C” fighting nutrients and then NEVER needing to buy our products.

Breast Cancer Keys:

  • Breast cancer is sometimes seen as a suffocation of the mitochondria.
  • Biopsies can traumatize and cause cancer
  • Do not keep your cell phone on more than needed, and do not hold or carry against your head or body.
  • Avoid progesterone pills
  • Avoid Mammograms, and less ultrasound. Each mammograms increases chance of cancer!
  • Vitamin D. Most doctors will not test for Vitamin D levels, but Dr. Carrie Madej says it is crucial to prevent cancer.
  • Clean out any residual tooth infections, amalgam fillings, leftover infection from root canals or removal of wisdom teeth.
  • Do not use sun blocks (ore dangerous than the sun, if we use common sense)
  • Use dry brush on skin
  • Lose excess body fat, detox.
  • Consider not getting vaccinated–in most cases.

Blessings to each and every one of you! Roy Holman