Do you have money issues? Most of us have money shadows, secrets or triggers we keep in the dark of our unconscious. Money is not the issue really. Oh, of course, we all need some money.  It is the form we use for exchange of goods and services.  But again, money is not the issue. money, like everything, is neutral, just energy. It is our attitude or energy that is the problem.

Studies seem to show that excess money does not buy happiness, although it does help to have a certain amount for basic necessities. If we do not have enough for food and shelter, we are less than safe and happy. We are bound to first chakra survival issues and will find it challenging to free our energy for higher pursuits and passions.

There are many issues tied into money: Some of us wrap our self worth around how much money and income and stuff we have.  This is very common. Rumi says, “You surpass this world and the next in value.  What am I to do if you do not know your own worth? Do not sell yourself short, for you are extremely precious.” 

Another challenge many of us have is that we see money as love. Our parents may have used money and stuff instead of the love, attention and genuine affection we really wanted from them. Many of us have poverty or scarcity consciousness, where no matter how much money or friends or stuff we have, we always feel unsafe or afraid of losing what we have, as if it will all be taken away at any moment. People with poverty consciousness may win the lottery, and within 6 months all the money is gone.  Again, the money was not the issue, but the consciousness, beliefs or attitude.

From a spiritual perspective, as they say, follow your heart and the money will follow. When we align with the Divine, our passionate purpose, abundance flows. We are gods embodied. We are living in heaven on earth, a paradise that we have turned into scare city. We are not meant to live in poverty consciousness. All we have to do is remember who we are and open up the floodgates to the wealth and abundance of who we are.

The Lotus Sutra says, “You, the richest person in the world, have been laboring and struggling endlessly, not understanding that you already possess all that you seek.”  We have grown so poor in mind that we believe we must toil sixty hours a week at jobs we hate to sneak out a living, which is really a dying.

I suggest we all meditate on this, bring some light and transparency into our little secrets and insecurities.  Reflect on your family experience growing up. What were you taught about money and finances? Were there secrets and shame around money? Was there hoarding and scarcity? Was money or stuff used as reward or punishment? Was money used as a sign of affection? Did the culture around you teach you that how much you have reflects your self worth? Do you feel there is enough or are you always lacking? Do you feel able to open up, trust and receive, or do you feel there are strings attached, or that you should work very hard for everything?  

What we really seek is within us, as Rumi says, … “if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don’t look outside.  Look within, and seek That.”