You may have heard someone talking these days about the balancing of the masculine feminine energies on Earth. So what the heck does that mean anyway? Some would say that we are exiting a long era of excess masculine energy or patriarchy, with suppression of the feminine. It is important to understand that this is not simply men and women, because all of us have both masculine and feminine energies or traits.

Masculine energies might include assertiveness and action, while feminine qualities might be receptivity and compassion, although again, both men and women have all these traits to varying degrees. But we are coming out of an era of tremendous imbalance, and it is a bit messy and confusing right now as we seek balance.

For example, with the feminine movement, many women moved further into assertiveness, working longer house and taking power back the way they were able. At the same time, many men felt guilty about past aggressiveness, and began to shut down their healthy male energy. So both men and women got imbalanced. And it is important to remember that the rise of the feminine in this time does not mean the disenfranchisement of the male. This is healing for all of us.

The teacher Kryon says, “Here is the truth: Human nature has been unbalanced for eons and the shift before you is starting to make a difference in the male/female balance of the Human Being.”

Mayan Priest Carlos Barrios said, “December 21, 2012, is a date that has been erroneously diffused as the “end of the world,” which is a bad interpretation; it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new . . . opportunity to find a balance with Mother Earth, harmony between Human Beings, and the Feminine and Masculine energies. It will be a period of light and wisdom.”

  • The Dalai Lama has said, “The world will be saved by Western women.”  I believe he may have meant that women in the West have more freedom and opportunities to make change.
  • And my teacher in India, Sri Bhagavan said, “Women would be the fastest to get awakened. And women will be the spiritual leaders for the world.” Here, I am guessing he means that women are a bit less mind and ego oriented than men, so they might shift faster. Also, perhaps for this reason, women and those with more balanced energies and compassion will naturally evolve into places of leadership as we continue into this shift on Earth.

Now some of you are thinking, well why then did we end up with Donald Trump as President? He seems to have little compassion and not a lot of feminine energy.   I personally do not know Donald Trump, but I do know that everything in contrast to these new energies and balancing are coming to the forefront now. Paradoxically, the polarities are increasing even as we heal and awaken.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is just be who you are, be yourself. Men, you do not need to shut down your appropriate power and maleness to be loving and healthy. Be compassionate to all, including yourself, and be willing to stay connected in all ways, to your heart, to your partner, to the Earth, to Spirit. Do not distract and disengage. Women, just be your natural beautiful powerful selves. Take full responsibility, and recognize your true power. You do not need to manipulate or seek approval. You do not need to try to be like men, or force anything. When you just be who you are, your Divine feminine power will move mountains.

Lastly, do not fear these changes. It is all for good! I gave a talk once to a group of men about these shifts, and one said, “but women are angry!” Another said he was tired of all this talk of the rise of the feminine. I found it interesting that these men seemed to fear this change, as if women are going to seek revenge for past imbalances. Again, the pendulum may swing wildly for a while as we seek balance, but there is nothing to fear, and plenty to celebrate, as this is going to change everything for the better. This is just one result of, and creator of, the great Shift on Earth.