Balance is a tricky concept, and even harder to live. To me, it’s all about living life from love, not fear. Let’s look at balance as it relates to living our complicated human lives from a couple standpoints during these trying and transitional times.

How about food? There are countless opinions on this topics. But let me ask you: Are you at ease with what you eat? And are you healthy, with good skin, healthy digestion, lots of energy?  I have been involved with people and groups, notably the raw food and vegan folks, some–not all, but some of whom get rigid about eating, even judgmental of the food producers or those who eat less than healthy food, in their opinion. And there are those on the other end who have decided, consciously or otherwise, that it does not matter what one eats. Just don’t worry about it, some have told me. Some spiritually minded people I have met have told me, just bless the food, don’t worry what it is or where it came from. Both extremes, in my opinion, are not healthy. I know, as I have lived both extremes.

I completely agree that blessing the food is awesome, and that worrying about what we eat is often more toxic than the junk food itself. But here is where balance comes in, inviting us to ask, What would love do now?

Let’s also relate this to activism work. Some–again not all, but some activists march forward fighting this and that, often very valuable, worthy goals. Others might say, it does not matter, just relax and have fun. Again, I have lived both ends of this, and am seeking balance.

Again, we come back to balance. Is ignorance really bliss? Or does ignorance cause pain? Is it my responsibility to know our policies, and understand the effects of massive use of pesticides on our lands and waterways? Or does my anger and fear bring down the collective energy vibration? And is there a way to live, what the  Buddhists call the Middle Way, not reacting or resisting, yet loving and knowing and choosing a way of life that nourishes life rather than does harm. As St. Francis said, “Make me an instrument of thy peace.”

Love, to me, invites us to respond from the heart rather than react from the head. If we feel called to understand more about our policies, or where our food comes from and how it affects us, so be it. If we are called to simply live life in the most loving way we can, knowing that we lose ourselves when we hear too much about fluoride or GMOs or whatever the recent topic, then we need to take care of our self and back away, take a break.

Are you living your life in peace and presence, or from programming and pain? Are you demonstrating wisdom or ignorance? Are you living with the innocence of the child or the excess worry and intellect of the adult? How do we balance these, as responsible, caring citizens? How do we care for our self, the community and the Earth in a light and loving way?

All we can do, it seems to me, is feel and heal our inner pain and fear, and do our best to stay conscious, aware, and awake, live our life in love.  Perhaps it is less about balance really, than presence, paying attention to each moment and each feeling and asking, How do I keep my center? How do I be the change? How do I lift my own and the collective energy vibration?  What would love do now?