Let me talk about Awareness. In India over the holidays I was taught that awareness is not a means to an end.  Awareness is the end. What does this mean? Perhaps it means this.  The mind sees imperfection and separation everywhere. Often, when we try to change something, it is the mind that is doing so. We are resisting what is, resisting life itself. And when we try to change something from the same mind level of consciousness that created the problem, we create more problems.

    Awareness is presence.  It is beyond the mind. It holds no judgment or resistance. It is not of this world. So when we bring awareness to any situation, we bring our higher Self. We are no longer a small, unconscious egoic self, comparing and competing and still a part of the old paradigm. Awareness is the silent wise witness, the loving presence that transforms everything it touches. But again, it does not try, for it does not have to, as it knows the perfection in everything. It holds no wants or needs. It has no attachments.  It just is, and it recognizes the beauty even in apparent ugliness.

    Now be careful here. Do not take this to mean action is inappropriate. Do not mistake this for woo woo spirituality. This is true power, the power of one’s own conscious presence. Then whatever action we take comes from the heart and soul, not the fear and ego. It makes all the difference in the world

   Another related thing I was taught in at Oneness University in India during my five weeks there over the holidays is this. We suffer because we do not suffer. If we feel everything fully, if we again bring our open-hearted presence and awareness to everything, whether it is a back pain, a toothache or anger, it transforms. As Rumi says, whatever is there, whatever your pain or challenge, whoever the visitor, “meet it at the door laughing.” Suffer consciously. Bring all your attention to the pain and watch it pass and change and transform right before your eyes. Anything experienced fully turns back into joy.

    This is not something we are taught in our culture or world, but this too will pass. We are awakening. And one of the fastest ways to awaken is to simply be who you are, be yourself.  Watch without judgment. Notice your pain, your fear, your hate. Just be aware. That is enough. If something needs to be done, it will come from your heart. But there is not much to do really, just be present, aware. This is enough, in fact, it is world changing.