Today let me offer some practical tips for handing the shift in administration. Whether or not you like the incoming person, and whether or not it is Donald Duck or Donald Trump, today let’s focus on what can each of us do.

As always, regardless of who is President, do what your heart—not your head and wounds—dictate. If you feel called to pray, pray. If you feel called to march, march. Just remember that all action is best as a Sacred activism, a divine doing. Mother Theresa famously replied to a question as to why she never attends war protests. She said “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

It may sound like splitting hairs, but Gandhi and King knew the difference is huge. Again, what you fight against you give energy to. Someone similarly asked Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead why they never played much Vietnam war protest music, and he said something to the effect that protesting war is resisting and participating in it.

Many of us activists find it hard to believe this, but it is not what we do as much as what we are. I’m not saying the doing is not important, but first find peace in your heart. Anyone who triggers us–perhaps Trump or Hillary of late–is holding up a mirror for something we can heal within us. Right now, we can give thanks to Donald Trump. I have said this over and over, but when enough of us heal the mirrors Trump is holding up for us, he will transform or disappear. Until enough of us heal our own traits that arguably could be reflected by our incoming President: fear, hate, sexism and racism, others like Trump will continue to show up to trigger us. He is us. Love him, and love every wounded part of yourself. Find compassion. Stop the wars within first. We cannot get a positive from a negative. If Trump stands for ego and hate (as some spiritual teachers have suggested), show up with humility and love, even as you choose to stand up and say no to misguided policies.

Again, anytime someone triggers us, the depth of possibility in what we can heal correlates with the depth of the trigger. Trump is triggering tremendous fear and pain. So there must be an opportunity for some big time healing.

If you have lost yourself over this election, especially if you are afraid of a Trump Presidency, find yourself! Pull yourself off the floor and turn your light back on.  Personally, I am not thrilled by a Trump Presidency, and I am quite concerned over his cabinet choices. But I refuse to let it bring me down. I have noticed that some people are already expecting, fearing and perhaps therefore helping create failure by projecting out anger, rage and anxiety. Watch your energy!

And remember, politics and politicians do not change consciousness. Consciousness changes the political game and landscape. So raise your consciousness. There are countless books and teachers to guide you, and there are countless effective paths. If you feel called to pray, or meditate, or see a therapist, or do yoga or tai chi, or sit in a float tank or go to an interfaith church, go for it.

Be the change. Be a lighthouse. Keep shining bright and loving strong regardless of what you see around you. Take responsibility for your own wounds, and heal. Your true self is bigger than all of it. You are sovereign. There are much bigger and infinitely more beautiful things to focus on and co-create. Like the Wizard of Oz and the small man behind the curtain, if we distract ourselves from the reality behind the illusion, we will miss the chance to help create a world we truly wish to live in. Nothing can stop us if we wake up and remember who we are and exhibit the power of an awakened, conscious and enlightened people.