Note: This is my longest blog post ever! The following is four weeks worth of commentaries I made on KSER radio in Everett, in December 2019.

5G War on Consciousness, Dec 4, 19

Amy Godman generally follows this commentary with her War and Peace Report, and maybe I should call my commentary the War on Consciousness report. I have spoken about this war on consciousness before, and today I want to talk about one key weapon in this war: 5G.

By now, most of us have heard about the big 5G wireless communication rollout, a new generation of wireless antennas and satellites and gizmos and gadgets, which has already begun. I’ve been diving into researching this world of 5G, and am not thrilled at what I found, and will spend the next month’s commentaries each week talking about this on KSER. Today I warn about the dangers and risks. Next week offer some solutions and ways to protect yourself and your family. And then the fourth part will be about how this 5G and wireless communications are perhaps the main tool in the war on consciousness.

The main companies that are doing the big 5G satellite launches are SpaceX, Amazon and OneWeb. SpaceX is Elon Musk’s company, which is taking the lead with the most 5G satellites, as many as 20,000, followed by 3,000 5G satellites planned by Amazon. 5G satellites are planned for very low orbit in the Earth’s ionosphere, about 50 miles above the surface. In effect, these satellites are planned to reach the entire surface of the Earth, especially urban areas, and will in effect be helping bathe all life on Earth with radiotoxic wavelengths, like a giant microwave. And of course down here on the ground there are thousands or perhaps millions of new 5G antennas going up to accompany preexisting 3G and 4G antennas, literally every 300 feet or so apart.

You might think or hope that extensive tests have been done to assure that these 5G high frequency wavelengths are safe. Wrong. When asked by congress, the telecommunications companies admitted that they are not investing anything to assure that 5G is safe. And they are clearly not being required to. But there is plenty of research and evidence that shows that this will be damaging for the cells of all living things. The FCC is apparently fast forwarding this whole rollout to override local control. RFK Jr said recently that the FCC is the poster child for captured agencies. In other words, they are in the back pocket of the very industries they are supposed to watch over. The FDA is not far behind, and the American Cancer Society and even the World Health Organization are also compromised.

RF or EMF and 5G radiation are the big tobacco of our 21st century. 5G should really be called 5C: Comprehensive Corporate Cabal Criminal Conspiracy. In very Orwellian terms we are told to mind our own business and trust the government and corporations. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of peer reviewed studies and research that show undeniably the effects of these various EMF or RF radiations on our bodies and brains.

5G is a cocktail of frequencies, and when combined with the preexisting 3G and 4G it impressively bombards the body from all angles. This radiation is devasting to our immune systems and microbiome. The renowned researcher Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and others warn that radiation is invisible and cumulative. Incredibly, they have found that 75% of songbirds and 80% of insects have disappeared in areas of strong cell phone coverage. The average American lifespan has dropped 10 years in the last 20 years. It is estimated that 50% of us living today will die of degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimer’s.  Radiation from wireless sources are now linked to Alzheimer’s, Lyme’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS and other neurobiological diseases and dementias.

Ex British Navy officer and radiation weapons specialist Barrie Trower states that the dangers of wireless is especially devastating to the health of young people, and says that the evidence is so clear that anyone who insists on placing wireless networks in schools deserves to be put in prison.

While the effects of 5G are not yet proven or even required to be researched to protect all life, the effects of previous 3G, 4G and other wireless communication systems are devastatingly clear, but evidence is being censored, yes, censored, here in the land of the free. RFK Jr and numerous others have reported being cut off from mainstream news, and I am hearing numerous reports of censorship with Google, Facebook, Pinterest and many other well used and unfortunately, often well trusted mainstream sources.

And remember, this 5G is not something you can simply opt in or out of. These satellites provide deeply invasive, body and building penetrating radiation and electric smog that can be overlapped with data mining, surveillance and possibly even weaponry. Next week I will offer some thoughts on solutions. It is important to know the truth, but not fall into fear. Within this challenge are the very seeds for transformation.

5G Personal Remedies and What to do, Dec 11, 19

Last week I warned about the rollout of 5G, the new generation of telecommunications satellites and antennas, and how the government and corporations are overriding local communities in forcing this technology upon us. While 5G is shockingly untested, we can only guess that it will be at least as toxic as the other 3G and 4G wireless technology that has been proven to be devastating to our health.

As always, it is best not to move into fear and paranoia, and there is much we can do, and today I’ll offer a few personal protection solutions. While much of the 5G and other research evidence is being censored, we can explore alternate news sources. One site is HealthMeans, which has an excellent series called 5G Crisis and Accountability. Some names you could google for 5G related real news are Kevin Mottus, whose site is, or Josh del Sol, among others.

As for what we can do to protect ourselves, here are some ideas. Keep in mind that not all products are right for each protection. Some protect against one band of energy, some another. Some protect against 5G, some 4G. And remember that 4G is not going away, but will work with 5G to create a toxic soup for reaching the most homes and people possible. Basically, the best four general solutions are Reduce, Distance, Hardwire and Shield.

Number one, reduce use of all wifeless electronic exposure, cell phones, wifi, bluetooth.  Second, distance yourself from sources of radiation, at least that which you have some control over in your home. We may not have enough control over where the satellites are hovering or where they put the antennas up, but even there, we need to get active and contact our representative, get involved locally. More on that next week. Third, move from wireless to wired as much as possible. More on that in a moment. And number 4, for those who can afford it and are taking this seriously you can Shield or protect yourself in many ways.  More on that in a moment.

Back to hardwire. Hardwire as many of your electronics as possible. For example, with your computer you can use an ethernet cable or fiber optic cable rather than wifi. These are actually faster and more safe and reliable. A compromise that we do in our own home is we bought a router guard, essentially a wire cage you put your router in, for about $75, which supposedly reduces about as 90% of the EMF. We also turn our router off as much as possible, certainly every night.

·       Use a good old-fashioned corded landline—which are actually coming back into fashion, and only cost about $30-40.  Cordless landlines are just as bad as cell phones actually, so the key is corded landline. And either get rid of your cell phone, or at least turn it off as much as possible, or leave it in airplane mode as much as possible. I know most of us are hooked, but the evidence is pretty clear that cell phones turned on in our vicinity keep us in the crosshairs of lots of EMF radiation. And the new phones are worse, as they are set up for 5G. If you must use a cell phone, do not hold it up next to your ear. I use a headset or speaker phone with my cell phone to keep it at least a bit of distance from me, but the best headphones are reportedly air tube ear buds. But again, corded land lines are best, or through a wired computer.

·       If you use Bluetooth or wireless mouse or keyboard, switch to a wired mouse and keyboard.

·       Now, it depends on how far you wish to go, but some people are using shielding devices. There is stuff for protecting clothing and garments such as drapes and curtains, such as copper mesh you can use in your home. And they are currently developing a silver fabric that is reportedly quite effective for protecting against 5G. Some are using shield curtains over their sleeping area, and protection under their beds.

·       Y-shield is an EMF shielding paint you can also consider. A friend of mine recently spent nearly $7,000 for an EMF assessment and shielding for her main rooms in her home.

·       Also, if you have a say, say no to “smart” meters, another source of electrosmog amd data-mining device.

Now, these are all downstream and somewhat Orwelian solutions of course. How about if we stop this madness from happening in the first place? Remember, we already have the solution to this wireless rollout. It is locally controlled, publicly owned fiber optic or ethernet copper hardwired systems. These may be slightly more costly up front, but are faster, more reliable, more safe in surveillance aspects, and if locally owned and controlled, provide a steady source of community income, at a fraction the cost of telecommunication prices.

Meanwhile the rollout has already begun, but it is never too late for us to see how crazy this is, and put a stop to it. Many leaders already know that this needs to be curtailed, so we can all spread the word. Next week I’ll talk about how to join the others who are getting active to stop this madness.

5G Part 3: Activism, Dec 18, 19

This is my 3rd commentary on this important topic of 5G, which I have been talking about over the last month. Obviously, I have some big concerns or I would not be talking about it so much. Again, 5G is the 5th generation of wireless communication that is being rolled out as we speak. In this comment on 5G, I want to put out a call to community activism.

As with other weapons in this war on consciousness, such as chem trails, fluoride, and GMO foods, there is always an effort to tap into our sense of helplessness and disempowerment. And there is often an attempt to override any sense of choice or opting in or out. In my community of Everett, for example, one cannot opt out of fluoride in your tap water. Everyone gets it, as toxic as it is. So we have to do as I do, find spring water or alternatives. I will be putting out a call to the community to take action to remove fluoride from our drinking water here in Everett soon enough, but for today, back to 5G, which again, offers little choice to opt in or out, as it blankets the planet.

But politicians who tell us that we have no choice, or their hands are tied, are only partially true. While indeed the FCC and telecommunication companies have indeed worked to fast track and preempt activism and override community power and laws, such as the ALEC laws, there is still space for determined activism and truth telling. Let’s help our politicians see that their hands are not tied, by speaking truth.

There is presently a large and growing swell of people fighting back against 5G and dangerous radiation from wireless systems. There are currently over 100 cities suing the FCC for allowing this rollout. THE NRDC, National Resource Defense Council, has taken on a huge 20 city lawsuit.  Some cities are using the police powers, local control ordinance to override the 5G rollout. We need to get on the right side of this battle before the health evidence piles up. The same thing is happening with many of the earlier vaccines, where the health effects do not show up until years later. Although with 5G, the negative effects may be much faster. If you like to read, a good book would be Timothy Schoechle’s “Getting Smarter about the Smart Grid”. His website is the same title.  Also, Camilla Rees has a nice site for more info at

Again, please know, with regards to this 5G wireless rollout, we already have the solution to this wireless nightmare. It is locally controlled, publicly owned fiber optic or ethernet copper hardwired systems. These are faster, more reliable, and if locally owned and controlled, more safe in surveillance and data mining aspects, and cost much less.

You activists can look up to see a model for action. There is also the Institute for Local Self-reliance with a pocket guide to 5G hype, facts and a newsletter.

Meanwhile the rollout has already begun, but it is never too late for us to see how crazy this is, and put a stop to it. There is also a 5G Global Protest Day being planned for Saturday, January 25. We need to emphasize that just like other basic utilities, communities need locally owned and controlled wired communication systems as mainstays in a democratic country.

Please remember that it is best to fight for what we want, rather than against. Anytime we resist or fight against something, such as what we might call monsters, we run the risk of becoming a monster. Many leaders already know that this insane 5G rollout needs to be curtailed, so we can all spread the word. Be kind but firm with local politicians. They need your input.

A couple more sources of info:, and, and You can also email me if you want to get in touch, or receive my two page handout for personal protection and 5G activism.

And remember there is something much bigger than the telco corporations and the FCC and the darkness. There is an infinite and loving Source or Great Spirit or whatever name you want to give it. And this is a time for intelligent faith and empowerment, a Sacred Activism. Invisible sources of support will appear. Let’s take back out power, and take action to protect ourselves, our children and all life on Earth.

5G Part 4, Jan 1, 19: 

Happy New Year’s everyone. This is part 4, of this report I am doing on 5G, the new generation of wireless communication. Today I will focus on the war on consciousness. I have spoken about this before, the many ways certain nameless and often faceless powers are pulling all stops to keep empowered while disempowering those pesky masses, you and I.

Given everything I am learning about 5G and the clear research on the health damage from wireless networks, EMF, RF radiation, I have to conclude that 4G and 5G are the arguably the most important tools in the war chest of the powers that be–or were–in this war on consciousness.

I have spoken mostly on the health effects of radiation and wireless systems. But there are tremendous concerns about the other potential uses of 5G. Mostly, the data mining, surveillance risks and even weaponization of these satellites systems. Privacy is at great risk. Local control over decision making has been trampled over. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has shown that 11 international treaties have been broken in this desperate and hurried 5G rollout. And please remember, we have the solution with an environmentally friendly alternative to this wireless nightmare. Again, it is locally controlled, publicly owned fiber optic or ethernet copper hardwired systems. These provide even faster, more reliable and more safe communications systems.

There seem to be compartmentalized layers to the evil side of this. First, there is the ignorance, disempowerment, victim, addictive or lazy aspects within each of us. We need to wake up and take our power back. Next layer might be the telecommunications companies that are lost in greed, seeing big buck opportunity in this sellout and rollout and data mining opportunity. Above this it gets really creepy, and I would be more guessing than sharing facts, but from my research it includes deep state, corporate, sociopath, and even quasi-religious, Luciferian aspects. And be very wary of the AI lure in all this, which could be the end goal.

Let me go further, but as crazy as this sounds, take a deep breath, some of us are convinced part of the agenda is an effort to not only sicken and weaken the population, but also lower the Earth population. It sounds ridiculous, insidious, and arguably suicidal. Except the powers that be who have been struggling to defeat this shift of mass awakening on Earth and maintain their thrones are quite arrogant and confident in their own stash of advanced health and stealth technology, including underground cities and bases, so they seem to hope they will be protected from their own war on the Earth and all life. Whether it be 5G, pesticides, GMOs, pharmaceuticals, chem trail toxins, heavy metals, fluoride, vaccines or our overall downstream healthcare system, it is clear there is a concerted effort to keep us sick, afraid, and apparently, even kill many of us off before we wake up and arrest these criminals.

Ex British Navy officer and radiation weapons specialist Barrie Trower says that, since 5G and other radiation is invisible and cumulative, it is the “perfect stealth weapon.” It is hard to pinpoint who is responsible, as the disease and death may happen years later. Trower claims that the eggs of young women are unprotected and 10x more vulnerable than damage to DNA and other organs, even though these too are devastated. There are hundreds of peer reviewed research studies linking Radio frequency with cancer, for just one example.

You might also look into a couple other hints we have gotten that a depopulation agenda is in the works. Agenda 21 was an unbinding but international agreement implemented under George Bush senior and others in 1992. I don’t have time to go into it, but you can hunt down info, although unfortunately, there is disinformation and censorship around this, but it does seem to claim a mandate to depopulate the Earth, of course in flowery language like sustainable development and care for the Earth.

You might also look up the Georgia Guidestones. In the 1980s, some mysterious folks built 10 monuments that are reportedly bigger than Stonehenge in England. They were erected in Georgia in 1980s. A set of 10 guidelines inscribed in several languages. They again use flowery, environmentally friendly sounding language, but describe the need to lower the Earth population to around 500,000, which would mean somehow getting rid of about 7 billion people.

It is not comfortable talking about wild theories like this, and by all means, as always, do not believe anything I say. But do open your eyes and minds and get past the mainstream news. By all indications, this does seem to be some sort of showdown coming up, yes, even a battle between good and evil. It seems impossible, but somehow we must see the shocking truth of what is going on while at the same time not losing ourselves in drama. Most important is to stay connected to the truth in our heart, to take our power back.

At the core, I believe this is a grand opportunity, for humanity has been lost for eons. We now have a chance to wake up, reclaim the feminine wisdom, reconnect with Earth and spirit, stop all the fighting and warring, and co-create heaven on Earth. Ironically, it might be something insidious and shocking like radiation warfare that acts as the catalyst to awaken the sleeping giant within each of us. Former UN official Claire Edwards says that, “the goal of 5G is terrifying, but the function is to awaken us.”

Let us remember that all these earth dramas are temporary; there is something infinitely more powerful than dark and evil. Love is invincible. As author Arundhati Roy says “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, if you listen carefully, you can hear her breathing.”