Today, let me talk about three levels of communication, from least effective or least helpful to most effective or conscious.

1. Pain Body / Victim Mentality. I know this one very well, and probably many of you recognize this one as well. This is the most destructive or unconscious level of communication. You can both hear and feel this level of communication, and it is easier to hear it in others first, and ideally begin to recognize it in yourself when you use it.
This is simply a pain pattern. Perhaps we whine about how difficult things are, or how life is unfair to us, or we argue for our limits, that things will never really work out well in our life, that people will always mistreat us, that we cannot trust God or life or other people. With this language, we continually attract to us what we think we do not want. But in truth, we are so used to the pain and victim mentality or pattern that we ourselves are unconsciously re-creating it in our life, like a hamster on a wheel, round and round with similar stories and situations and experiences, until we snap out of it.

2. Chit Chat / Making conversation, small talk. All thought and all words create. While this level of communication is not as insidious and destructive as the victim and pain level we just discussed, chit chat and idle conversation is not very satisfying at best, and at worst keeps us in a small state of consciousness. Chit chat is simply filling space, because we are often too afraid to simply be, to feel, to connect with our essence. If we do that, we may have to feel our unfelt fear or grief or come face to face with the dreams we buried long ago. So we waste our time and energy with unimportant conversation. If we listen to passersby or people on the street, we will notice that this is the way the vast majority of us relate to one another. We are not really saying anything significant.

3. Conscious Language of Love and Truth. This is the language of the masters. Again, words are energy, and all energy creates, so what do you wish to create by your words? Eric Butterworth said, What you voice in words reflects a state of consciousness, and consciousness is forever projecting itself into manifestation.

Unconscious language would be, “I doubt I will ever find true love.” Conscious Language (CL) would be, I am open to finding true love. Or, I am already truly loved and know that my true love is already here. Or another example: “I am really bad at remembering names.” CL would be something like: I am open to learning how to better remember people’s names. or I am getting better at recalling names.

The truth is that nearly all of us have been programmed and dis-empowered through inappropriate use of language. So we need patience, humor and attentiveness as we begin to pay closer attention to how we speak and the consequences of our words. We can choose to use words and language to help recreate our entire reality in a more empowered and conscious manner. and so it is.

Paramanhansa Yogananda said The Hindu scriptures declare that those who habitually speak the truth develop the power of materializing their words. What commands they utter from the heart will come true in life. So I leave you with my hope and prayer that each of you learn to be present to the power of your words and speak from the healing truth of your heart guidance.