Blessings to each of you as we embark on a new year 2020. Here is my hope for this year. Just as 2020 vision is a beautiful thing, may 2020 be the year that we on Earth see through some of the illusions and see clearly what has been hidden in the darkness.

Today, with this thought in mind, I want to talk about Democracy, with the hope that we truly have one by the end of 2020. Right now, we do not. First, a democracy requires a well-informed constituency. We are not. We are down to 5or 6 corporations owned by maniacs, running about 90% of mainstream media, rolling out their programing. And we have the Federal Communications Commission, as RFK Jr said recently, “the poster child of captured agencies”. In truth, nearly every federal agency is now captured by the very industries they are paid to watch over. Then we have the lobbying. Billions of dollars going into the pockets of our supposed representatives, who are mostly representing those who pay them.

For this reason, the war on consciousness may seem unwinnable. The playing field is not level and the deck is stacked. With politicians and regulatory agencies looking the other way, the ruling elite (too generous a term) or cabal is doing everything they can to make us sick, weak, stupid, and perhaps dead.

It is up to us to look behind the curtain, as with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. See the cowardly little man in the dark room, desperate to maintain control of the masses by soiling our air, our water, our soil itself, and our bodies.

The media is steering us one way, and in the meanwhile, I continue to hear of increases in censorship of those who have the audacity to publish real research, for example, showing the danger of supposedly smart meters, or how EMF radiation causes cancer. We are encouraged to blow up pink balloons, but God forbid talking about how 5G would help dig our own grave, or help the evil ones watch and control our every move.

There is a source of good in the world, and against all odds, the playing field is being leveled. It is hard to describe why, but as the prophesies said, we now have a chance, in this new enhanced earth energy, to get this right. Like the cowardly lion, we can reach deep inside and find the courage to speak up and speak out. We can find the energy to dig into alternative sources of information.

In this sense the evil ones are our friends. They are showing us where we ourselves have failed. They have shown us how addicted we are to the deadly technology they sell us. They show us how disempowered we have been, how attached we are to blaming and playing the victim.

There is this mysterious thing called grace that is always offering us things like miracles. This rises seemingly out of nowhere to lift up those who dare to lift themselves off the couch and away from the spoon fed mainstream, lamestream media.

Martin Luther King Jr said, “There is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution.” May 2020 be the year we see and speak truth, and rise up and get on the right side of this revolution. It could be a beautiful party.