Today I have three questions that could change your life, and the lives of those around you as well. In a general sense, the questions are Why, Who and What, but let me get more specific.

The first questions is represented by an acronym: WAIT. Why Am I Talking? … W.A.I.T. Why am I talking … is a good question to ask ourselves, ideally right before we open our mouth, or at least while we are talking.  And the second question ties right into this one: Who is talking, so let’s talk about both of these at once.

When we open our mouth to talk, what part of us is wanting to talk? Are we inspired from our heart, to speak our truth? When you speak, do you feel, recognize and hear the voice of truth from your soul, or, like many or most of us, are you speaking from your ego, or mind, or head. Are you trying to fill space, because you are not comfortable with silence, or are you trying to impress people or get people to like or approve of you? Are you trying to show off how much you know? Are you trying to convince people or win an argument? All these reasons are not enough to justify opening our mouth, and we are better off keeping quiet.

The remedy goes deep actually, not a quick fix. We can do whatever it takes to heal our wounds and show up in the power and fullness of who we are. We learn to be present and pay attention. We listen. We feel. We ask ourselves, Why am I talking and who is talking, what part of me feels drawn to speak?

The third question is related, and goes like this: What am I feeding the field? What I mean by this is …. What are you contributing to life, to the collective, to the planet, to the world? I know, this is not a light question, but a very worthy one. In truth, you are the environment. There is no separation. So what are you contributing to the collective environment? Is it fear and worry or love and compassion, for example.

Let’s break it down to each moment or each breath. With each encounter, or every action or word, are you giving or taking from the field? Now, there is no judgment here. A times, we are feeling a bit low or beat down, and we may need to draw some energy from the field or from the community or from Mother Earth. But one of our goals in life, as I see it, is to give back. And we do this by building resilience and coherence, by healing our wounds, by taking back our appropriate power, by forgiving and by many other actions. As Gandhi said, we become the change simply by who we are and how we live our life. We stay positive and we hold a heart of compassion. We know when to open our mouth and when to stay silent. We become a lighthouse for others to find their way.

So again, the three questions to ask ourselves, especially in conversations or when connecting with others, are:

  • Why am I talking? W.A.I.T.:
  • Who is talking?
  • What are you feeding the field?