First, I could make an argument that no one needs ANY vaccine. In the United States, children are now receiving 69 shots / vaccines by the time they reach 18 years old. History will show that this is not only unnecessary, but dangerous and in truth, criminal. If I were to make a case for this by listing all the negative side effects from all vaccines this would be a very long article. Consider seeing Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, or The Truth about Vaccines 2020 documentaries.

The story on all vaccines will have to wait for another day or another blog, although I am a big picture kind of person, and it is all connected. But today I want to focus briefly on what is most relevant and urgent: COVID vaccines.

First, there is a debate on whether this COVID vaccine–whether Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or J & J, is actually a vaccine. (by the way, why do drugs have such weird names, which do not even sound healing!? But I digress…). It can be argued that the COVID vaccine does not have the usual homeopathic or viral components of a typical vaccine. At present, the only available “vaccines” in the United states do not have the traditional viral ingredients. Some call it mRNA gene therapy. For now, let’s just call it a vaccine.

Still, perhaps no one needs it. Why?

  1. COVID vaccine risk far outweighs any potential benefit.  In short, vaccinated people can both get and transmit the disease. Then, what is the point of a vaccine? The drug companies often show the RRR (Relative Risk Reduction), which leads them to claim that their vaccines are more or less 95% effective. But the more important number is the ARR (Absolute Risk Reduction). This turns it around from 95% effective to an advantage of approximately 1% effective (1 out of 100 will not get COVID as a result of the vaccine). Meanwhile, “breakthrough cases” (vaccinated people getting infected with COVID) are skyrocketing. Having said this, there does seem to be evidence that some lives are being saved, as in death prevention. However, this same benefit can be had with natural immunity, without the great risk.
  2. The COVID vaccine is illegal. For Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), first, there must be an emergency; I submit that if truth be told, this does not fit the bill as either a pandemic or emergency. Second, the benefits must outweigh the potential risks; again, this EUA would be illegal. Historically, vaccines were required to demonstrate at least 70% efficacy; this was changed to 30-50% for the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, from the FDA website: “For FDA to issue an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative …”  If there are other cures available, an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccine is illegal.  Of course, Pfizer’s Comirnaty–one specific type of COVID vaccine–was supposedly approved by the FDA. However, it is presently not available in the U.S., and turns out it was not officially approved, so everyone in the U.S. is still under the EUA. And by the way, the vaccine mandates are illegal. They want people to stay scared enough to get them before enough people understand this.
  3. We have FDA approved, safe, effective–and inexpensive–cures for COVID: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Chlorine Dioxide, etc. These have been systematically suppressed, ignored and marginalized. Even fake studies have been promoted to destroy some of them. Yet courageous doctors are using these to cure tens of thousands of patients, with minimal negative side effects. Read this article about 240 million people in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, and how Ivermectin wiped out COVID.
  4. Why not strengthen the Immune System?: We also have supplements, such as Vitamin D, C, Quercetin, Zinc–not to mention sunshine, exercise, etc.–which greatly protect us from getting COVID in the first place, but Anthony Fauci and other supposed health care advisors say nothing about this, while they march us towards the only supposed cure: an unproven vaccine, shot after shot, booster after booster. Isn’t it amazing that we have had miraculous immune systems that helped us survive for tens of thousands of years, and in the last century, we decided that our immune systems are all but worthless, and we need forced injections?
  5. We do not know the ingredients: You think it might be helpful, and help us trust Big Pharma a tad more, if we were told what was in these jabs. Independent research is discovering very strange and even frightening ingredients, such as graphene oxide, which is toxic to the human body.
  6. Unsafe: A key reason not to take this COVID vaccine, regardless of the company, is that they are unsafe, and I would argue intentionally so. What! Am I a crazy conspiracy theorist!? Hey, conspiracies happen, and I am a conspiracy analyst. I do research. And we are in the midst of perhaps the biggest conspiracy in world history. It is getting obvious, but the programing and mind control, through tell-lie-vision and other modes, are relentless.
  7. Drug Companies are not liable. If you are a business owner, do you have insurance? I do, for my yoga business. Would it not be awesome to save money and have zero liability for your product? History–some of it very recent–clearly shows that vaccines (especially COVID) are one of the most dangerous products on the planet, and the companies are not liable. Instead, in the rare instance where someone wins a court case due to adverse reactions, you and I pay for it with our taxes.
  8. Vaccines make us all poorer. Think about it. The government is covering the costs of, what, a billion vaccines? Not to mention all the adverse reaction lawsuits to these and other vaccines. Where does that money come from? Either from you and I, or–more likely–it is printed out of thin air, which contributes to hyperinflation and devalues all of our money.
  9. Coercion is not Convincing: Vaccine and other mandates–which are proving to be illegal and unconstitutional–are not helpful in convincing us that we can trust the drug companies and our government. As we witness censorship and the evaporation of our rights and constitution, we are wise to look at history and how other tyrannical governments took control of the people.
  10. Don’t be stupid. As Dr. Rashid Buttar said, “I’m not anti-vax, I’m anti-stupidity”.  You don’t have to be against all vaccines to be against this vaccine.
  11. Pandemic of the Vaccinated. Mainstream media is not touching this, but what we are seeing more and more is that many of the people now dying–allegedly from COVID–are actually dying from the vaccine’s adverse reactions (and are they really adverse or planned and intentional?). Countries like Israel which are the most heavily vaccinated are showing the highest infection and death rates.
  12. Plandemics #1 and #2: Plandemic-scamdemic #1 was the COVID itself, with a virus that no scientist on the planet has still been able to isolate, probably because it is a biological weapon (thank you Wuhan Fauci and friends). Plandemic #2 is the vaccine, which is making many people sick, destroying fertility rates and reproduction systems, and yes, killing people. At this moment in December 2021, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports 20,000 vaccine deaths, and close to one million adverse reactions, although this is the tip of the iceberg, and there are reporting issues and missing data. Studies show that only 1 to 10% of Vaccine deaths and adverse reactions actually get reported by VAERS, which means closer to one million deaths due to this vaccine.
  13. Let’s get wild. If what I wrote above did not concern you, this will probably not help, but hey, I am a truther and must offer this possibility. There are some who argue that these vaccines have transhumanist technology implanted in them. This aligns with the technocratic, transhumanistic agenda of merging man with machine. One idea is that vaccinated humans become more “metallic”, like human antennas, and vulnerable and controllable to certain vibrations via 5G technology and satellites in the atmosphere around Earth and off planet. This is not some wild conspiracy theory; Klaus Schwab and other “great Reset” technocrats have been announcing this goal for years.
  14. Save the Children: We are giving this experimental vaccine, with all the issues mentioned above, to children, who have miniscule chances of contracting, transmitting or dying from COVID. Where are all the mama bears and papa bears protecting their children?  Truth is, Big Pharma needs both FDA approval, and the COVID vax on the children’s vaccine schedule, which would give them both liability and the right to mandate the vaccine. Dr. Robert Malone says it is incontrovertible; there is absolutely no reason to justify a mandate for childhood COVID vaccination.
  15. To be clear, this vaccine is a biological weapon. When one considers the overwhelming evidence (can’t isolate the virus, fraudulent PCR test, suppression of legitimate COVID cures, elevated COVID death count, flu deaths reported as COVID deaths, ineffective lockdown, ineffective masks protocol, social isolation damage, illegal mandates, on and on) it becomes clear there is ill intent. I see at least three goals: 1. Scare us. We are in an energy war, and the evil ones want to bring the vibration down, keep humanity descending rather than ascending.  We are more controllable when we are afraid, and less likely to rebel against the enslavers. 2. This is also an information war, so people are conditioned in the most insidious ways, to blame the same people who are awake enough to see what is going on. 3. Yes, these evil ones wish to enslave humanity and depopulate the rest. Basically, keep some very programable and controllable slaves, and kill off the rest. 4. Finally, Christians might say that these evil ones want  to take souls away from God, to harvest your soul’s energy.
  16. So, could anyone benefit from this vaccine? All is possible. History may give a better idea. There is talk about a genuinely helpful COVID vaccine emerging out of Operation Warp Speed in 2022. Word has it that this is a truly helpful vaccine which would work for all upcoming Coronavirus variants. If safe and effective, it could destroy the Deep State plans. Meanwhile, for me, what might be true is that some people have been so terrified by this COVID bioweapon, that perhaps the current vaccine could act as a placebo that could conceivably help some terrified people—hopefully without adverse reactions. And of course, there is a chance I am wrong, and that these vaccines actually has some proper intention and ingredients and do help some people. Again, time will tell.
  17. Final Argument: Whose body is it anyway? With a disease that has a 99.5% survival rate, with truly safe and effective solutions and immune system boosters (the healthy type of boosters!) readily available, unless a truly safe and effective vaccine emerges, just say no. Do you really want to have someone push a needle full of Lord knows what into your arm? Please, clear the programing, do your research, and use your God-given freedom of choice to decide for yourself.