Skalitude Washington Retreat

Tribute to Mothers everywhere! (and we all “mother” someone in some way.)  Special Weekend focusing on the Divine Feminine and balancing our yang / masculine / “doing” energy with the yin / feminine ‘being” energy.  This will be a chance for anyone-woman or man–who works too hard, gives too much, serves others and could use a break!

There will be yoga, meditation, breath, silent meditation hike, chant, teachings on emotional integrity, and exercises to awaken your deepest, most joyful and passionate Self. $325 includes organic meals, shared accommodations, sauna, hike, all yoga and meditation classes.

Washington Women and Men Weekend

Yoga – Meditation – Walking

Connecting with your Highest Self

Skalitude, Methow Valley, WA

May 6 – 8, 2016


includes 2 nights accommodations, organic meals, all classes, initiations as a blessing giver!

Scenic Drive: The drive is nearly four hours, but this is no ordinary drive! We usually car pool, taking Highway 2 one way, and Highway 20 the other way. Both are part of the North Cascades loop, one of the most beautiful drives in the country, and it gives us time to relax, connect, and enjoy great scenery enroute.

We usually have about 12-15 people, a chance to make new friends and connect, but also quiet time to read, relax, and rejuvenate.

People signed up for this retreat so far: Roy (WA), Liz (WA)


Roy Holman Roy Holman has led about 50 retreats, in the North Cascades as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Hawaii, Bali and Sedona. He is trained and 500 hour-certified in the viniyoga tradition, as well as meditation, healing and reflexology. He is also trained twice at Oneness University in India as a Oneness Blessing teacher and trainer. He teaches a body-friendly, heart centered, meditative flow yoga, as well as meditation and breath practices. He is author of healing Self, Healing Earth, and Poems from the Passionate Heart.

Liz Gross is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and vibrational energy healer, and also a wise life coach. Here website is

Registration Form

$100 deposit or entire amount

Checks can be sent with registration to:

Roy Holman, 1917 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201 Do not hesitate if you have any questions or concerns. Roy Holman : 425-422-0023